Due to predictions of rain all weekend, the book sale has been postponed and is rescheduled for:

Sunday July 2nd

Because of this, Book Thug Nation will be available to receive donations for the sale all week long-on any sunny day. You can contact them at  krazdale@gmail.com and check out their site at  http://www.bookthugnation.com/wordpress/

Sorry for the postponement. See you on the 2nd!

About donations:
The sale is only one day so we really need good, hip, popular books that will sell as soon as we put them on the table. Contemporary and classic literary fiction, eastern religions and radical politics/sociology books sell well. We do not want textbooks, cookbooks, pulp mass markets, bibles or old moldy books that no one would ever buy. We won’t accept anything that is pro-military, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. Please contact us if you need more info about donation specifications. We can recieve donations in advance at the table or early the day of the sale. All book that don’t sell will be returned or donated to Book Through Bars

Please stop by our table on Sunday July 2nd to donate and buy books and help raise money for our good friend Daniel’s legal defense. Along with great books at cheap prices, there will be music, a table with Daniel t-shirts, merchandise and literature and maybe even some free food! A good time and a very, very important cause!