"No to Saddam, No to the Americans" - popular chant in Iraq anti-occupation demos In Iraq, violence is the leading cause of death and can come from just about anywhere, health care is generally unobtainable, sectarian violence gets worse daily, there is no electricity, there is no gasoline, travelling is next to impossible, the government is corrupt, the police are corrupt, civil liberties are respected less than they are here, unemployment is at around 50 percent and wages are declining, unions remain a fantasy, the spectre of Islamic law looms large, women's rights have not improved and by many accounts have declined, and in general, it's about the worst place in the world to be. And yet, the simple observational claim that life in Iraq is worse now than it was under Saddam is controversial, even shocking, in most circles, so much so that the Right Wing uses the cliched "so you're saying you'd prefer Saddam in power?" as a shallow, idiotic response to any attempt at criticism. Bill Blum sets the record straight.