...from The Independent (UK): "In the same week that the US claimed to have smashed a plot to blow up its tallest building, an alleged threat to the Canary Wharf tower, which holds that title in Britain, returned to prominence. According to an internal report by the US Department for Homeland Security, obtained by ABC television, US intelligence services thwarted an al-Qa'ida plot three years ago to hijack a plane at Heathrow and fly it into Canada Tower in Canary Wharf, east London... ... The latest claims appear to be based on the same source: computer files belonging to an aide to Osama bin Laden called Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan , which were seized in Pakistan in 2002. But that information, said to include diagrams and maps, was four years old even then. " This article fails to mention that the investigation was prematurely aborted when someone within the Dubya Administration leaked the identity of Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan to the press. And, of course, Noor Khan has been linked to the four 7/7 London bombings that were committed almost a year ago. Please click here and sign the petition to demand a full investigation of this politically-motivated and outrageous act.