Mr. Malloy had Greg Pallast on a few days later - investigative
reporter for the British Guardian Newspaper - who has discovered and
disclosed a document of the oil companies' written before the war which
states that the goal of the occupation in Iraq would be to control oil
production in accordance with what the Saudis wish. He said, essentially
it called for "shutting off the spigot" order to raise prices. Now things
make much more sense. Things are not going badly in Iraq. Things are
going just as the oil giants had planned.

I have recently been increasing my capacity for riding a bike from
two blocks (hilly area) to 3+ miles. I would gladly have reduced the
use of my car by 50% if our Gov't would not have illegally invaded
Iraq and put our troops in this horrendous harms way. But you must,
by now, understand......this administration did not illegally invade
Iraq so that you and I could drive our cars as we have in the past.
They invaded Iraq so that the oil companies and the industrial war
complex could make ASTRONOMICAL profits......the likes of which
the world has never seen! But the human costs of their mega profits
are also ASTRONOMICAL.... and should not be accepted.

To reap these profits they have not only put our troops in danger of
bombs and snipers along the roads. They have placed them in a
radiation hazard that was intense even before the "shock and awe"
mission began. Of 700,000+ troops that went to Iraq in the first
Gulf War, over 500,000 are now on disability from what is called
Gulf War Syndrome - which is a long list of painful, deadly illnesses and
birth defects in offspring - but they are all caused by the exposure
to the radiation poisoning from the illegal use of uranium weapons
in a secret fifteen-year-long nuclear war.

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper correspondent Bob Nichols
is the recipient of the Project Censored Award and has been
researching and writing about these illegal radiological weapons
for years. He states "The Pentagon knows it is a nuclear war. They
want to hide it by insisting the Nuclear Wars all have a big boom
from thermonuclear weapons." But according to all International
Conventions, these weapons are "nuclear weapons" - weapons of
mass destruction - without the mushroom cloud.

In a recent email interview Mr. Nichols had this to say when asked
if the troops are aware of the severe health problems awaiting them,
"The Troops are told exactly, precisely NOTHING - Period! That is the
way it has always been. The Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Lab Memo
of 1991 ordered all personnel to lie about depleted uranium weapons
to maintain the "political viability" of uranium weapons. That is the long
and short of it. The Troops do not count as much as a truck. They are
truly "throw away soldiers"" in the eyes of the Brass.

It's not only our troops that have been exposed to this "planet killer",
but so have the millions of Iraqi civilians over the past 15 years.
There has been reported enormous increases in cancers and birth
defects in Iraqis, as well as our troops.

What has been established in Iraq, Mr. Cheney?

Remember the figures? 700,000+ of our troops sent.......over
500,000+ now on disability from radiation exposure after being
in Iraq only a FEW MONTHS in 1991! If our troops from GW l are
experiencing this kind of degradation of health, ask yourself how
many people of Iraq have had children with horrible birth defects
or have found out that they have cancer. Now, ask yourself how
these people feel about the US occupying their country; destroying
it and the citizens' health - forever - with illegal uranium weapons.
This radiation contamination has a half-life of 4.5 BILLION YEARS.
The insurgency is not wanting for people who are willing to drive a
car bomb to kill our troops. There are thousands upon thousands
of them, and the numbers increase day by day, thanks to the inhumane,
illegal use of uranium weapons by the US and UK Military. Do you see
the living and ever-lasting hell that has been created in Iraq? Can you
understand what we are sending our troops into?

Our government's criminal use of illegal uranium weapons is one of
the most evil things ever committed on this planet, and if you think the
people of the world are not aware of it........please think again. This is
a huge issue in the international press.

The American people would not stand for this if they knew the facts.
But we are lied to by our corporate sponsored Government, and kept
in the dark by our corporate media. They use words like "low level
radiation.....depleted uranium.....minimal and manageable risks". BULLSHIT!
That's complete, bloody-murder BULLSHIT! The experts tell us that
the so-called "depleted uranium" retains approximately 60% of its
lethal radiation but when it is used as a weapon it becomes extremely

This is a most urgent matter! We MUST put an end to the use of
these abominable, illegal, radioactive weapons.

Leuren Moret, famed scientist/whistleblower studying the fall out
of illegal uranium weapons states "The use of depleted uranium
weaponry by the United States, defying all international treaties,
will slowly annihilate all species on earth including the human species,
and yet this country continues to do so with full knowledge of its
destructive potential"

She also reported "....the American Free Press dropped a “dirty bomb”
on the Pentagon by reporting that eight out of 20 men who served in
one unit in the 2003 U.S. military offensive in Iraq now have malignancies.
That means that 40 percent of the soldiers in that unit have developed
malignancies in just 16 months." And still the government denies that
these illnesses are the result of uranium weaponry.

This is a concern to every living being on this planet, as the radiation
released in these battles is carried by the wind all around the globe right
into our back yards. Please take a few more minutes and become informed -
and inform others - about this most volatile issue. Read what the experts tell
us.....but the corporate media keeps from us. Every human being on Earth
should be screaming at the top of their lungs to stop the use of these hideous
weapons since it looks as though a 60+% majority of the American people that
are against the occupation of Iraq, are unable to end it through our so-called
democratic government.

I would like to thank Mr. Bob Nichols for his help and contributions to this

[A portion of this text is from "Spoils of War Today - Gulf War Syndrome"]


"Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets. A death
sentence here and abroad" - Leuren Moret

"The Queen's Death Star" - Leuren Moret

"Uranium Bombing in Iraq Contaminates Europe" - Bob Nichols

"Johnny Got a Gun" - Protest song by Johnny's dad