The ‘strong’ posturing of Howard regarding limiting the activities of the terrorist, Abu Bakar Bashir, became his usual gastric discharge when faced with the reality of a man to ‘man’ confrontation. The grotesque imp, Howard, ‘caves in’ yet again! Howard now accepts the reality as dictated by the Indonesians regarding the Muslim cleric. Howard’s overt about-face on the issue has raised the usual smirks and expressions of disgust from Asian and other world leaders who are no longer surprised by the very visible cowardice of the Australian leader.

‘Lest we forget’ the shame that Howard brings on the Australian nation and its people. The reputation that our brave fighting men and women have earned has been compromised by the most shameless, despicable coward in Australian history, and so it is recorded. If Howard was/is your choice of leader and international representative then your character is in question.

The Chinese leadership was very happy to receive Howard today, especially after the Indonesians had placed him in a pliant and ‘receptive’ frame of mind. The joke however, is on us!