...from The Guardian : “On July 10 last year, Bridget Dunne opened the Sunday newspapers eager for information about the blasts that had brought death and mayhem to London three days earlier. Like many people that weekend, Dunne was confused by the conflicting reports surrounding what had initially been described as a series of ‘power surges’ on the tube. Why were the Metropolitan Police saying that these surges, which were now being attributed to bombs, had occurred simultaneously at 8.50am, when they had originally been described as taking place over the space of 26 minutes?...” While this article mentions Mohammad Sidique Khan, no mention is made of “the other Mohammed Khan”… Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan . Of this much we are certain: (1) Naeem Noor Khan’s name was leaked by the White House to the press in the summer of 2004 and (2) there is strong and substantial evidence from his computer hard drive linking him to those who planned the 7/7 London bombings. Remember!... We went to WAR over false allegations of links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda! Yet, no public mention is made of the vital and real “7/7” links involving BOTH Mohammed Khans! Please click here and sign the petition for a full investigation of the Muhammed Naeem Noor Khan case. An interesting short film posing probing questions about the July 7th London bombing is available from the Irish 9/11 Truth Movement . Gordon Mc Dowell’s film “Khan Leak” available here .