This is a reminder that there will be an important meeting tonight over the future of the New York Indymedia Video Collective. There has been little activity of the NYC IMC Video Collective over the last several months.

In the past three years the collective finished over 70 episodes of Blacked-Out Media (28 minute segment based news show on the Dish Network), 5 days of live coverage of the Republican National Convention protests, and multiple videos for It has been one of the most active Indymedia video collectives in the United States.

With an offer to sign another contract with Free Speech Television (satellite station on the Dish Network) and rent to pay, it is time to decide what the future of the collective will be.

-Should we restart Blacked-Out Media or dissolve the television show?

-Should the collective try to raise money for rent or rent the office to support the NYC Indymedia general collective?

-How will the collective function with many of its old members working on other projects?

-How does the collective ensure that its projects are professional yet participatory?
-How can a substainable collective function without money?

Join us tonight for these and other important questions.