…from TPM Café : “After watching George Bush and Dick Cheney weep and wail over the 'damage' done by the New York Times for reporting that financial data is being dumped into the CIA as part of an effort to find terrorist networks, I kept waiting for Darryl Hannah to pop up and say, 'Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night'. Does George have Alzheimer's Disease? Has he forgotten that he used to love the New York Times? The only thing funnier is that most of the main stream media is reporting the antics of these clowns as straight up news. I guess Bush and Cheney decided that leaks to the New York Times were no longer kosher when their go to girl, Judith Miller, got canned. Of course, Judy wasn't the only member of the now 'traitorous' New York Times to benefit from White House largesse. Doug Jehl published a piece on August 2, 2004 that exposed an Al Qaeda informant… President Bush crying about ‘leaks’ to the New York Times is like listening to former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss complain about sexual promiscuity. Sorry George, we ain't buying your song and dance.” That “Al-Qaeda informant”, of course, is none other that Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan . Please click here and sign the petition to investigate the Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan case, so that we can clear up the Bushling’s confusion!