June 30th, 2006 at 6pm

New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement (NY I.C.E.) will rally in front of Senator Hillary Clinton's Office at 780 Third Avenue in Manhattan (cross street is 49 th Street) to protest the Senator's support of illegal aliens

After rallying in front of Senator Clinton's Office, NY I.C.E. plans to walk two blocks to Senator Schumer's Office at 757 Third Ave . and rally there, since he, likewise, has supported illegal aliens.

After a successful rally last week, the proactive group, NY I.C.E., will rally in front of Senator Clinton's office this Friday. Although NY I.C.E. is grateful that the Senator did vote for a fence to secure our Southern border, she did NOT prioritize interior enforcement. There are approximately 12-20 MILLION illegal aliens already here. (It is impossible to give an exact tally of those ILLEGALLY here, and, therefore, this number has to be an approximation). And, Senator Clinton has voted for guestworker amnesty legislation that would exponentially increase that already ridiculously-high number.

NY I.C.E. believes that an important distinction needs to be made between legal immigrants and illegal aliens. NY I.C.E. thoroughly supports the rights of legal immigrants; we are, in fact, fighting FOR legal immigrant rights, which are detrimentally effected by illegal aliens, many of whom already ILLEGALLY crossed the border or ILLEGALLY overstayed their visas. Illegal aliens commit a terrible disservice to those who are waiting in line to come to this country as legal immigrants.

NY I.C.E. is open to all Americans and legal immigrants who believe in enforcement-ONLY immigration legislation. We represent the diversity and rich culture of the tri-state area, and welcome Americans and legal immigrants of all races, religions, and political affiliations who are united in our common struggle to protect our borders through enforcement-ONLY legislation. Bush's spin-ographers want the people to believe in the false dichotomy of either mass deportation or legalizing mass importation. We believe that attrition, whereby the rewards of illegal aliens are systematically taken away through enforcement of immigration laws like employer sanctions, would solve the problem.

For more information on NY I.C.E., please contact (917) 686-8695 or email  progressrose@yahoo.com .