...from Newsday : "So imagine the glee of Republicans when they learned last month that two Schumer staffers at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had hacked into the credit report of Maryland Republican Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, according to committee officials. 'It's an ironic and uncomfortable position for Chuck,' said Baruch College politics professor Doug Muzzio. In July, DSCC research director Katie Barge, 26, and researcher Lauren Weiner, 25, allegedly accessed Steele's report using his Social Security number in preparation for a possible Senate bid by Steele." Oh, for God's sake! Senator, it's been almost two years since you sent your letter to the White House Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan's identity to the press. Almost a year later, four bombs exploded in London killing fifty-six people. Several copies of a signed petition pleading with you to follow up on the Noor Khan case have been delivered to several of your offices. Since then, we haven't heard a peep out of your office, even now, when the neo-crazies are seeking to hypocritically burn journalists at the stake...for...leaks! Yet, your DSCC staff somehow finds time to violate the financial privacy of our fellow Americans. It's difficult to criticize the Republicans when you're so damned busy emulating them! It's time to redirect your priorities, sir!