The Supreme Court ruling was actually forced by an action taken by the former driver and bodyguard of (Bush colleague and friend) Osama Bin Laden. [As stated in a previous paper, Bin Laden has done more to assist George W Bush than any man on the planet, including Karl Rove. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.]

‘The truth is stranger than fiction’, is a favourite expression of analysts and labourers alike. The truth sounds more preposterous at times than the BIG lies the world swallowed regarding the existence of WMD, bio-weapons and mobile labs. Remember the Colin Powell performance at the UN (eat your heart out, Mick Jagger). Who can forget Powell wielding a test tube of white powder and referring to ‘satellite photos’ of green painted trucks, very ‘sexy’ stuff – but no substance whatsoever! Of course the reality was baby powder not anthrax and a painted ‘ice-cream truck’ not a mobile lab but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good invasion! Is the public able to bear the grim and plain truth or must they continue to be fed tinsel lies that twinkle and shine?

Bush’s immediate response was to buy time to confer with his handlers, ‘what do I do and say now, Karl/Richard/Paul?’ However, Bush did state that he would never jeopardise the safety of the US public! What? Bush has done more to engender hatred for ALL Americans than anyone in history – including the Islamists. But is the public ready for the plain truth – not on YOUR life, just give ‘em more colourful lies. Lies are far more palatable!

The TRUTH today is as it has always been; the Truth has an enduring quality, it cannot be polluted or corrupted. It can only be disregarded!

Jail the coalition of willing criminals and the networks that sustain them. That action would be the beginning of a journey to Peace and sanity in the world. But have you ever tried to offer a habitual shit eater wholesome food? Nah! Give me more lies please, you know I am incapable of any rational action.

We are the public and we love a ‘rear’ action.

All of my colleagues told me I was wasting my time. Well, am I? You tell me.