Inspired by Colin's digging in the Web Search Platform we dug some more. This time we just counted all words found on the web. Some interesting things came up. The 5th most popular 10-letter word on the Web? California. The 7th most popular 12-letter word? Pennsylvania The most popular 15-letter word? Zaregistrirovan. Zaregistrirovan? Yes. The 15 letter list is kind of funny. For your amusement: zaregistrirovan. partnerprogramm. netutodeanatano. anmeldungsdatum. zuckerkrankheit. recommendations. kontaktanzeigen. nenutzergruppen, mitgliederliste, veranstaltungen. The graph below represents the most popular 5-letter words. Judging by this list of words forum posts must make up a huge chunk of the Web. forum - 2,238,602,797about - 1,351,249,584other - 962,689,569posts - 946,766,048video - 839,711,215email - 775,440,102found - 751,607,505phpbb - 741,762,343board - 723,989,141click - 700,040,348 The next graph is the most popular 6-letter words. The Web must be getting more civilized; somehow the word "please" made into the top 3: search - 1,728,203,440online - 1,665,987,136please - 586,515,321posted - 561,419,032people - 540,502,379cannot - 501,884,374rights - 499,446,153topics - 478,526,379should - 474,777,139server - 469,748,101 The last graph here is the most popular 7-letter words: contact - 866,133,410service - 715,363,809powered - 587,313,121general - 463,853,406private - 440,264,813company - 436,092,563website - 432,281,826message - 422,914,185product - 406,084,827support - 387,550,901 It would be interesting to see how this list has changed over the years. I'd bet my last nickel that the most popular 7-letter words in 1996 weren't Contact Service. Comments - Permalink