Update -- August 11, 2006
The situation in Oaxaca is entering into a critical moment it was
appears to me
will also be the final and definitive stage of the struggle. In the
last week the
government of Ulises Ruiz have deployed a violent counterinsurgency
campaign based
on the action of paramilitary. It will be important if the PSC can
mobilize other
unions demanding the federal Mexican government to put an end to
killings and dissapearences
in Oaxaca.
Yesterday August 10 a group of paramilitary shot at the rearguard of a
of approximately 20 thousands people in support of the women groups
that have occupied
the state controled TV and radio station. As a consequence of this
attack the mechanic
and husband of a school teacher Jose Jimenez Colmenares. Two other
were wounded and are in critical condition.
Wednesday August 9, two Indigenous leaders members of the Movimiento de
y Lucha Triqui Independiente (MULTI) and members of the Asamblea
Popular del Pueblo
de Oaxaca (APPO) and a 12-year old boy were assasinated during an
ambush perpetrated
against a group of Triquis on their way to the city of Oaxaca to
reinforce the defense
pickets in the TV-Radio Station. Two other Indian actvist were wounded
and remain
The Tv-Radio station (known as Radio Cacerola -- Pot and Pan Radio for
the pots
and pans used as weapons by the women defense groups protecting the
occupied by women groups almost two weeks ago have become an important
tool in expanding
the reach of the movement and in counteracting the antipopular stance
of the media
control or manipulated by the government. Unlike Radio Planton (te
seccion 22 radio
station) and Radio Universidad that only reached the city of Oaxaca and
its surrounding
area, Radio Cacerola covers the whole state. The defense of the
repeating antennas
located in different parts of the stae have become a rallying point for
groups, women organization and youth that kept vigilance round the
The same day at around 1 p.m. police in civilian clothing captured and
the teacher, human right activist and indian group organizer German
Mendoza Nube
together with two other persons unrelated to the struggle. A well
known activist
and organizer German Mendoza was founder of the Seccion 22 Human Rights
he was the organizer of the Union de Campesinos Pobres, and leader of
the Frente
Popular Revolucionario. Shot by the police a few years ago he lost
movement of
his legs and since then was bounded to a wheel chair. At the moment of
his capture
he was descending from his vehicle in front of his home with the help
of his assistant
Eliel Vasquez Castro and his neighbor Leonardo Lopez Palacio. Both of
this persons
were also taken away by the police. Later in the day two teachers and
a biologist
involved in the patrols set up by APPO and the teachers union in a
effort to locate
the dissapea red were captured by policemen in unmarked cars.
Radio Universidad, the radio station that in the hands of the students
became an
important tool in the organization of mobilization that followed the
July 14 failed
repression against the Planton of Seccion 22 was sabotaged by students
by the police in the student movement. As a consequence of this action
Radio Universidad
is out of the air.
With this latest killings Gov. Ulises Ruiz is responsible for 36
political assasinations
since he took office almost two years ago.
The Teacher's Union and the APPO (Popular Assembly of the Oaxacan
People) have
vowed to continue the struggle. Later today will be held a
funeral-march for the
demonstrator killed yesterday and Saturday the APPO is calling for a
march that
starting in four different parts in the city will coalesced into a
in Oaxaca's main square demanding the freedom of the dissapeared and
the resignation
of Governor Ulises Ruiz.
On other front Oaxaca's association of businessmen and entrepreneurs
will see
President Fox to demand an end to the critical situation in the state.
They seem
to favor a political rather tha a repressive solution. There is
tremendous anxiety
among the local ruling classes regarding Ulises Ruiz failure. At the
same time
there are signs of exhaustion among the ranks of the teachers union.
That's all for the moment and hope the PSC will put some pressure on
the Mexican