The ride was great at first, good music, nice vibes, and circling Parliament Sq was very enjoyable. Though during the last hour or so things started to turn very nasty, especially at the front.

It seems the latest police tactics are to barricade the ride at the front whilst pressing the pace at the back with a police van and screamed orders to move on......thus forcing us to occupy the minimum possible amount of road space and compacting the ride to the point where it is nearly impossible to move without clipping someone's back wheel

Those people who resented being herded like sheep were subjected by the police to physical assault, intimidation, threats, verbal abuse of the most foul kind and in one case, arrest.

These sickening bully-boy tactics cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. The police officers behaving in this manner are a disgrace to their uniform and must be held to account.

It seems that legal observers will have to be brought in and video evidence collected in order to protect ourselves and obtain justice.