Once upon a decade ago, antifeminist Katie Roiphe said women who "cried rape" the morning after were lying because they really wanted the sex but were ashamed to admit it. Now Clamor Magazine brings writer Yasmin Nair and the next installment of the "Women Lie About Rape" chronicles.

American Home: Trafficking and the Return of Domesticity  http://www.clamormagazine.org/issues/37/sexgender.php

In the article, Nair claims those millions of women and girls annually who say they were scare-quotey "sex trafficked" are lying about being held captive and raped because in reality they're happy-enough sex workers ashamed of wanting to be prostitutes. She believes it's not that pimps and traffickers are men making billions raping and enslaving women globally, it's that those estimated 10-12 million yearly are all lying about the existence of pimps and organized criminal "sex trafficking" networks.

"It's easier for sex workers to claim being kidnapped and forced into sex rather than admit to looking for sex work"

Does Nair know something about the secret desires of sex workers that Amnesty International, Equality Now, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, the Polaris Project and hundreds of other international organizations don't? Nair's opinion that prostitution trafficking victims who have survived to tell about being raped and pimped out have successfully deceived thousands of gullible do-gooders at Amnesty & Co. into thinking they were sexually enslaved when she, like Roiphe before her, believes they really wanted the sex they're calling rapes.

Not happy just calling all the NGOs and governments working to prevent human trafficking dupes of manipulative, willing-but-embarrassed lying sex workers, Nair continues:

"The shift from 'sexy trafficking' to 'innocent victim trafficking' is a reminder that women's bodies are endlessly mobilized to turn issues of labor and immigration into deeply personalized narratives about family and nation."

Feminists have fought long and difficult personal-is-political battles to have the abuses done to women in their homes, beds and bodies recognized as part of a larger pattern of patriarchal beliefs affecting everything. Seeing a so-called liberal magazine air the belief that it's best to separate sexism, nationalism, and women's bodily autonomy from what happens to immigrant and working women is a huge step backwards. Women's bodies have the dictates of nationalism and the politics of family forced on them all the time, and those deeply personalized narratives shouldn't be sneered at.

Nair writes about Kim Meston, a Tibetan trafficking survivor and co-director of the Cambridge-based Trafficking Victims Outreach and Services. Instead of blaming the man who tricked Kim's parents into giving him their daughter, Nair offers a vague blaming of religion and poverty. It may look like Meston's story revealed a man making a sex and labor slave out of a brown female, but in Nair's telling the man who did the actual enforcing of the indentured servitude with rape privileges did not cause her abuse. You see, it was really poverty and Christianity that enslaved Kim Meston, not the man who abused her:

"Meston's story reveals the vulnerability of the family unit to neo-liberal economic pressures and the hypocrisy of and potential danger posed by US faith-based representatives."

In a particularly gut-wrenching turn, Nair decides to reclassify Kim Meston's being "forced into sex by the minister" (her own words) as not rape but "labor":

"Meston's story reveals the kinds of labor, sexual and commercial, that may be extracted from family members under economic stress."

There's a sexist and racist trend going around liberal circles lately that says there's no such thing as sexual abuse anymore for some, usually not-white, women. What would be called rape or sexual harassment for Global North white women is being called uncompensated sex work for Global South black women. What used to be called economic coercion is called economic incentive in the new liberal whoreticulture. For another example of this at work in liberal magazines The Nation and Counterpunch you can look for Debbie Nathan's recent articles where she claims, based on the testimony of male cops, that teen girls are lying about being forcibly pimped through Internet escort services and terrorized into sex slavery.  http://www.counterpunch.org/nathan02172006.html

Recently in the feminist blogosphere, a blogger whose boyfriend shoved her mouth onto his ejaculating dick after she stopped a blowjob was easily identified as an oral rape, but in Clamor Magazine the ongoing rapes of a young Tibetan woman brought to America as the personal maid and rapemate of a man is not getting called rape at all but rather "migration for sex work." So clear the rape in the first, so foggy the ritualized rapes of the second.

Clamor Magazine is making the independent media rounds lately with their big anti-American Apparel photo essay spread, and it's great they're calling them on their sexism and bad business practices. However, no one at Clamor is calling the white, Western, American women sexually harassed by Dov Charney uncompensated sex workers like they've convinced themselves darkskinned girls from Tibet sucking American cocks to keep alive in a foreign land are uncompensated sex workers. The racist message is that it's okay for some girls to expect nothing more than to be men's whores while other girls can expect never to be sexually mistreated on the job, just so long as we're all so very liberal-minded about which color of girls goes where.

Clamor says to white American women in the American Apparel article, "You don't have to put up with your privileged white manager forcing 'workplace nudity, inappropriate come-ons, and outright sexual harassment on you.' (quote from page 6 of the layout)

Clamor says to brown Asian women in the trafficking article, "You can expect nothing better than getting your white manager's dick stuffed in and out of every hole in your body whenever he feels like it because 'it's simply not economically feasible for millions of impoverished families to keep hungry children around - it makes more sense to send them away to places where they might be fed and make money.' (quote from Nair's essay)

Liberal media is increasingly funding itself with advertising money from the pornography and prostitution industries, multi-billion dollar cumglomerates with the overt mission statement of "Fuck Bitches." Clamor Magazine's editors promote these multi-billion dollar cumglomerates with direct advertising to their pornography retail outlets, with their sale and promotion of a magazine promoting the deadly "job" of prostitution as the latest thing in women's liberation, and by calling teenaged, nonwhite girl victims of prostitution trafficking liars who really like being whores but don't want to admit it. These are the sort of anti-woman actions feminists have been criticizing about hipster lefty media for decades and it's sad to see so little progress since Robin Morgan penned her infamous 1970 essay saying 'goodbye to all that" sexism from left.

Reflecting on this trend, how suprising can it be that the messages pornfed liberal media like Clamor is increasingly promoting are that women and teens who say they were forced into and/or raped in prostitution are liars, sex trafficking is not a real and growing international problem so it belongs is in unreality scare quotes, and poverty-stricken families in Tibet deserve blame for an American man making their daughter his private sex slave and domestic servant?

It's now apparently okay to blame men's raping of Global South girls and women on poverty, religion, Amnesty International, parents, George W. Bush, antiporn feminists, Equality Now, and Oprah Winfrey, but whatever you do, make sure you don't blame pimps and johns for the rapes-cum-transactional-sex approved for darkskinned women by porn-sustained liberal media. If that were to happen then liberals might have to fight for Kim Meston's and every woman's right to a job free from sexist "workplace nudity, inappropriate come-ons, and outright sexual harassment" instead of a job specifically based on such violations of women's human rights.

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