Reporting from Washington.

Critics in my last article, "Time For Joe To Go", including many
others, have blasted me by either saying that I was some
type of rich-wannabe in supporting Lamont for the U.S.
Senate; or educating me on the latest that Senator Joe
Lieberman is leading in the polls. However, they are late on
the poll. I already knew about it.

Aside from the argument on wanting to be rich, because there
is nothing wrong with that when you have concern for citizens,
we delve on the issue about the poll lead. These figures are
not factual, when you take inot account small numbers of people
are being questioned as to who they support to be Senator
of Connecticut. I have worked in a political polling and survey
firm, and the information sent out to people being questioned
is small. We have to keep in mind that Connecticut has a large
voting population, and relying on polling information does not
do the public good. What is going to make the diffence is when
the voter goes out to the voting precincts and casts a ballot.

Secondly, this article is being sent from Washington, D.C.,
your nation's capital, where you in Connecticut and even in
New York City owns this valuable piece of real estate. Prior
to the D.C. Primary Election this year, D.C. City Councilman
Phil Mendelson, a Dmocrat, was facing a stiff challenge from
well known Washington lawyer A. Scott Bolden. I supported
Mendelson, who is White and Iam a 41 year old Black man.

Kindly keep in mind that Washington, D.C. is a majority Black
voting town and Bolden is a Black man.

I also live in Ward 5 of D.C., and Bolden picked up a large
voting endorsement of Democratic voters for the office of
D.C. City Councilman At-Large in that ward. The number was
500 to 37 for Mendelson. But in the end, the ward went
to Mendelson with 51 percent of the vote. It was close, but
Bolden still lost. Just like polls, Bolden insulted the Black
community thinking that, just because this was a majority Black
town and he was a Black man, the Council job was his. He got
a rude awakening that Blacks are very intelligent, and race was
not going to play a part.

This tells you something about polls, especially the election
of 1948, when President Harry Truman was "claimed' to have
lost to Thomas Dewey. While I admit what is happening in
Connecticut is not a presidential race, the issues are basically
the same. Campaigns and elections are about people, not
cold numbers.

The reason why A. Scott Bolden lost is the same reason why
Joseph Lieberman lost the Connecticut Democratic Primary
nomination in 2006. They were both pro-business. The war
in Iraq is all about business and nothing more. While all of this is
going, people are getting killed----for two bits.