23:08 We ask that human rights organizations assist in documenting those hurt in hospitals.

23:02 In the Ixcotel penitentiary and in military camp, many of those detained have been beaten. We call on human rights groups and journalists to document these illegal actions and violations of human rights.

22:54 The PFP are conducting house searches in Atenco. Those detained are been taken away to the DF by helicopter. The city is deserted except for Radio Universidad.

22:25 15 AFIS cars pass by Radio Universidad de Oaxaca, there is a media blackout throughout the city

22:15 After the protest march in Juarez, 15 marchers were detained. They were taken by plain clothes policemen armed with sticks. They were taken away to agency 50 and accused of robbery and destruction of a patrol car. The names we have so far are:

Iliana Coapio,Adhazaira Chávez,Jazmin Ornelas Gómez,Pablo Dorantes,Heriberto Paredes,Victor Duarte Alanis,Gerardo Florencio,Teresa Salgado Cordero,Cintya Castro,Elizabeth Vayadores,Demián Gómez Medina, Juan Luis, Arturo Martínez

21:01 The federal police and military troops continue to advance to Vigueras. They are attacking as storm troopers invading a war zone.

20:19 From Viguera, the PFP is advancing very fast. The last hours have provoked 4 deaths. The people are moving back to Radio Universidad.

20:02 The signal from Oaxaca´s Radio Universidad returns. The information blockade will not pass.

19:02 The demonstration in D.F. has begun to move and now it´s going toward Televisa to protest against the siege of disinformation.

18:58 In D.F. there´s a protest in front of the Secretary of the Federal Government. There´s a group of provocateurs throwing rocks at the riot police to justify repression. Protesters are trying to take them out so that it not be a pretext for the repression.

18:49 Report from Oaxaca, there´s a kid hurt from a bullet. The siege of information won´t continue. What happens to any human being happens to all of humanity.

18:00 The signal from Oaxaca´s Radio Universidad has gone down, they cut off electricity in all of the zone. They don´t know if it was soldiers, the police, government or paramilitaries. The are trying to cut off the siege of information. Oaxaca´s Radio Universidad was the only hole in the information siege. It informed what was happening in every barricade and every place where the people defended their rights and where the police and the paramilitaries committed crimes and violations of human rights.

17:58 At the Avenida Eje Central blockade in Mexico City, there are a thousand people in the blockade. 500 police tried to take down the blockade and later they were forced back. They have reformed again and the protesters are surrounded.

17:49 In Channel 9, the federal preventative police are shooting off tear gas against a multitude of people. The helicopter is passing overhead and from there they are shooting hot grenades of tear gas at a true multitude of people

17:45 Alert amongst the people who are peacefully resisting in Oaxaca for the presence of a supposed REMS ambulance that is of the police.

17:42 Marchers who are protesting against the repression in Oaxaca, are maintaining the blockade of Eje Central by the Alameda of Mexico City and have stopped a city bus, which the solidarity blockade has consolidated.

17:13 The helicopter that detained 50 people in the Park of Love, landed in the military zone. Fascism has returned to Mexico. The detained people are being carried to military camps, which is illegal in Mexico. Because they are civil in pacific resistance, not criminals.

17:12 The avenue Eje Central near the central Alameda of Mexico City is once again blocked by groups in solidarity with Oaxaca and against the federal government´s repression.

17:11 Paramilitaries are moving in direction of Radio Universidad via the street Simbolos Patrios.

17:00 A helicopter has arrived at the periphery of the city. They took 50 people.

16:53 In the Bridge of Rosario, many patrol trucks are passing.

16:53 In the street Tecnologico, they are able to push back the PFP that is attacking the people with tear gas.

16:52 The march of people in solidarity with APPO´s movement has entered Oaxaca´s zocalo.

16:38 Radio Chapingo is continuing the transmissions of Radio Universidad and it will give the coverage.

16:33 The PFP is in the streets of Bustamente and Independence and it´s pushing the people back in the zocalo.

16:33 PFP helicopters are shooting off bombs of tear gas the size of 30 centimeters.

16:29 The federal police are entering the zocalo of Oaxaca in force. They want to claim control of city as a photo-op and say they have control of the city. When the federal government has violated rights and have conducted illegal action

16:24 Ulises Ruiz thru state radio has declared that the federal government has never retreated and will never retreat.

16:16 There are two 2 PFP helicopters flying overhead and buzzing the university where Radio Universidad is.

16:15 A University bus is distributing nightsticks to paramilitaries involved in the operation.

16:06 In San Antonio de la Cal an explodation is heard and the lights were cut on the outskirts, it’s the start of paramilitary movement.

15:55 In the city centre mustard and tear gas are being used.

15:53 In Love Park tear gas are been used against people. House searches of movement members

15:52 Children and elderly are participating with white handkerchiefs

15:34 Radio Universidad de Oaxaca calls for a peaceful resistance. To resist provocative acts. And have an intelligent and peaceful resistance

15:31 In Arenal illegal house searches are being conducted. They are looking for protesters.

15:30 The police have starting hitting people.

7:52 By the Mexico City exit there are 200 members of the PFP with 2 armored vehicles. When the firefighters run out of water, they will fill the armored vehicles. A civilian rescue group has witnessed police repression.

7:49 Call for a mobilization in the street to peacefully protest.

7:49 March today at 2pm at the monumento a Juárez

7:40 The federal police are reorganizing in the commercial district at the northeast entrance of the city. 8-10 armored vehicles are up front, with soldiers carrying rams and shields, they have high-powered weapons. They are against the peacefully unarmed civilian population. The local radio station is calling for a peaceful engagement and not to let companeros to be taken away. Firefighters are targeting people with water hoses.

7:23 The police are removing barricades in the commercial district with water hoses. “We demand the respect of the Oaxaca”

7:17 The Federal Police are advancing with 10 buses and 2 armored vehicles leading the way, with battering rams to remove barricades. “We are going to receive them, and put up fence/barricade/obstacles at the entrance to the exit. That they return to their barracks, where they should be for the good the community and the town. We don’t want the repression of Oaxaca”. Radio Universidad de Oaxaca calls from a peaceful defense

7:09 Alert in the zone of commercial district, the federal police have started to advance. “Will not permit them to take anyone” says Radio Universidad de Oaxaca. Helicopters have started exercises.

7:08 Radio Universidad de Oaxaca reports that a trailer of armored vehicles has arrived and police forces are started to advance.

6:46 Radio Universisad de Oaxaca is broadcasting.

5:00 Radio Universidad ends broadcast for two hours, will return at 7

1:48 Buenos Aires is calm

0:00 Three trucks with police are attacking the Buenos Aires barricade. They are part of the Caravana de la Muerte

0:00 There are more over flights in Oaxaca.