Jail support is being held for our 12 comrades arrested at the Mexican Consulate this morning - PLEASE go to the 13th Precinct, located at 230 East 21st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave.
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View pictures from this morning (http://www.stratecomm.net/~fritz/gallery/bradwill)

An estimated 200 demonstrators successfully shut down the Mexican Consulate in New York City this morning, in protest against the Mexican government's escalating violence against the Oaxacan people. Some of the 12 arrested during the peaceful protests were Madeline Nelson, Erin Siegal, Savitri, Chloe, Tim Doody, Eric M., Joan Roney, Tim Keating, Kevin Skvorak and Brandon Jourdan.

IMC videographer Brandon Jourdan was arrested as he peacefully lay down in the middle of 39th Street in front of the consulate and blocked traffic. Brandon, along with a few others, was dressed in a white shirt with a fake blood stain on his stomach, visually depicting the tragic death of Brad Will. Another man was then arrested for displaying a banner from a light post that he had scaled directly outside of the consulate.

Photographer Erin Siegal was arrested after she took pictures of the activist arrested for a banner drop. The police told her to get back on the sidewalk when she was just off the curb to take the pictures, an officer told her that she was being "disruptive," and when her back was turn about four cops violently grabbed her. Additionally, three people chained themselves to the consulate doors - two people in the front, one in the back. A woman appeared to have some blood on her face, most likely due to police violence. One person was successfully unarrested as well.

As more and more people gathered, police continued to divide demonstrators on opposite sides of the street, block people in, but no further arrests were made yet.

Please, if you cannot make it to NYC or to another demonstration today, partipate in the Electronic Blockade against Mexican Embassy and Consulate Websites (http://www.mountainrebel.net/oaxaca)

This is a virtual response to a call to action to remember Brad and all the companer@s killed in the popular struggle to oust the bloody tyrant Ulises Ruiz, to show solidarity with the teachers and protesters of Oaxaca, and to attempt to interrupt the invasion of Oaxaca that Mexican President Vicente Fox is beginning. join this electronic blockade of the websites for all of the Mexican embassies and consulates in the United States and Canada.

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