Indymedia & Reuters photog Erin Siegal grieves on her way to jail

Indymedia & Reuters photog Erin Siegal grieves on her way to jail

(Oct 30) One more night at the barricades. These were some of Brad Will's last words from a dispatch he filed the week before he died while covering the teachers' strike in Oaxaca. This morning, 200 people gathered in front of the Mexican Consulate to protest the deaths in Oaxaca and the dispatch of Federal troops into the city.

Two people locked down, a banner unfurled, and tourists asked what was happening while the police corralled people onto one side of the street. The press were also confined to a small area.

New York Times photographer Ozier Muhmmad was threatened with arrest while covering the story. Officer Luondo demanded that he move away from where a demonstrator had locked down, and when Mr. Muhhmmad declared that he was working press Officer Luondo threatened to revoke his credentials. His credentials were confiscated for a time and then returned after the intervention of a Deputy Commissioner of Public Information (DCPI) officer.

Mr. Muhmmad says that "it's becoming extremely hard to work as a reporter." The increasing restrictions on press freedom are not just during protests and vigils. "It's across the board, it could be a fire. It's almost impossible to cover breaking news events in the city."

Mr. Muhammad sends his most sincere condolences to Indymedia, Brad Will's friends and family.