The EZLN and The Other Campaign express "complete support" to the APPO: Marcos
by Hermann Bellinghausen

Chihuahua, Chihuahua It his first public act in this city, Subcomandante Marcos showed the EZLN's and The Other Campiagn's complete support for the people of Oaxaca and "its most dignified representative, the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO),"

In the Parque Revolucion of Chihuahua, Marcos denounced the PFP, saying "Up to today the federal (police) have killed at least three people, among them a minor, leaving dozens of people injured, including several Oaxacan women, and dozens of people detained who were illegally transfered to military prisons.

"Add to this all of the dead, detained and disappeared since the beginning of the mobilization that has demanded that [Oaxacan Gov.] Ulises Ruiz step down," he continued.

Marcos announced the closing of roads and highways in Chiapas and called for The Other Campaign and partner organizations to put up blockades, even on the international border with the United States, to show solidarity withthe popular movement in Oaxaca.

The federal attack, he argued, "has no other objective" than to keep the governor in power and to destroy the popular organization of the people on the bottom. "The people of Oaxaca resist. No honest person can remain silent and inactive while such a majority indigenous people is murdered, beaten and thrown in jail."

The EZLN announced that “for the entire day on November 1, 2006, the highways and roads that cross territories where the EZLN are present in the Southeast of Chiapas will be closed."

Also through the Sixth Comission, "the EZLN has initiated contacts and consulations with other political and social organizations, collectives, groups and persons with The Other Campaign to start Days of solidarity with Oaxaca and to announce, together as one coalition, a nationwide strike ("paro nacional") for November 20, 2006."

Furthermore, the EZLN "is calling The Other Campaign in Mexico and North of the Rio Grande to mobilize wherever possible, closing completely, partially, intermittantly, symbolically or actually, the streets, roads, highways, tollbooths, stations, airports or any other means of travel (comunicacion).

"The message of the Zapatistas that we are sending and will send to the people of Oaxaca is that they are not alone."