thousands of police armed with machine guns, tear gas, riot sticks, riot shields, pepper grenades, and armored vehicles retook Oaxaca's town square, which was the center of the APPO and established martial law only 3 days after the brutal killing over journalist Brad Will by police.

The APPO however, has vowed not to give up the fight. One of the protest leaders, Flavio Sosa said that most of Oaxaca is still under control of the revolutionaries and that there are around 3000 barricades in working class neighborhoods that are being fortified.

The real reason why the town center was lost was the protestors stance of peaceful resistance, lack of tourism which is a major industry in Oaxaca, and the lack of a revolutionary vanguard.

In sum, the revolt is not over. The people will rise again. Long live the Oaxaca Commune!