Brad's killers escape from the hands of Ulises
Those presumed responsible disappeared last Saturday; local police ask police across Mexico to help locate them

November 1, 2006

The paramilitaries implicated in the murder of the American journalist Bradley Will are at large.

Even though the governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz announced that the suspects had been arrested, they have actually been missing since the 28th of October, according to the police record 1247/CR/06 on the Fiscalía Especial de Combate al Crimen, Organizado de la Procuraduría de Justicia local.

Abel Santiago Zárate, the director of the local police in Santa Lucia del Camino; Manuel Aguilar, "council personel chief"; and the local policemen Juan Carlos Sumano y Juan Carlos Soriano failed to obey their notice to appear after the shooting, in which Oswaldo Ramirez, a photographer for this newspaper, was also wounded.

Yesterday the chairman of the local police, Manuel Moreno Rivas. sent out a notice to ask other local police around Mexico to help locate the suspects, Rivas confirmed.

This "disapearance" came to light alter MILENIO made inquiries and found that none of the suspects where found in any of the police buildings (jails, offices) in Oaxaca, even though the governor said that they were already arrested.

Manuel Martínez Feria, chairman of the city council (PRI), denied any responsibility of the attacks made by members of his administration. "They acted on their own," he said.

He also made a call to probe more deeply into this case arguing there were armed people on both sides and two persons received gun shots from APPO adherents.

The two people supposedly wounded by APPO are Lucio David Cruz Parada y Roel Aquino Parada. The last is the nephew of the sindico procurador del ayuntamiento de Santa Lucía.

According to the city mayor , one of the men hurt by APPO has a gun shot in the neck and the other has three spine bones broken.

Martínez Feria said that he was sure his co-workers acted in self defence, after APPO adherents tried to violently enter property.

In addition to the named public employees, another PRI local leader, Pedro Carmona is being investigated because there is directed evidence that it was he who shot the gun which killed the journalist. He was searched at his home; neighbours said that they haven't seen him in some days.