The media collective that Brad was in contact with in Oaxaca needs some support. They are the video people who compressed and uploaded Brad’s video so everyone in the world could see it. Recently they have been releasing daily video from Oaxaca.

Victoria Todos Santos

They’ve also are sending us a copy of their day of the dead tribute to Brad video so that we can play it at the memorial for Brad in new York. Here’s the copy online:

Memorian Bradley Will--Calicanto dia de muertos

They urgently need support for the work they are doing. Their hard-drives are full and being used to edit and perform (other) translations of brad’s footage. They need space to continue the important work they are doing.

Let’s help them with monetary support tape stock and hard drives they need for their work.

Given the urgency of the situation, I would like to ship them hard-drives and tapes TOMORROW.

If someone can offer equipment or tape stock, please contact me; if you’d like to offer monetary support, please do so at with the specification at the bottom of requested information:

“What would you like your donation used for?”
Answer: Oaxaca video tools