14:17 While the people of Oaxaca overfill the street demanding the resignation of Ulises "Ruin" and the departure of the PFP, the latter keeps itself entrenched in the Central Plaza behind barbed wire and their water tanks prepared and ready to be used. It seems that they have not understood that repression cannot stop the people's decision.

13:56 A call to Radio Universidad reports that downtown Oaxaca is full, with not even a quarter of the march having arrived. The rearguard is near the Institute of Technology.

13:25 The participants at the head of the march are now arriving at Santo Domingo Plaza.

12:58 A caller to Radio Universidad reported that today the food market in Mitla was evicted at 10:30 am without presenting any order, arguing that it had to be done. Fortino Martinez, the PRI municipal counselor, was accused. The market was thirty-two years old.

12:48 The signal from Radio Universidad has returned and we can listen to it again over the Internet.

12:36 This march is one of the most attended marches since the beginning of the movement, with nearly half a million participating. It extends from Vigueras to Canal 9 in Santa Rosa. People from all neighborhoods have come out and joined the march, the people clamoring to reach downtown. The march is more than twelve kilometers long.

12:23 How can we reduce a sea of people full of dignity to a single number? WE'RE A SHITLOAD AND SOON WE'LL BE EVEN MORE!

11:00 THE MEGAMARCH HAS BEGUN!!! Reports speak of at least twenty thousand protestors.

10:40 Commercial media is reporting that more than forty PFP buses, vans and other vehicles are inside of a bunker, where
1500 police are ready for a possible confrontation.

10:39 The caravan that left Mexico City yesterday is now in the City of Oaxaca and just joined a few minutes ago the rest of the people that will participate in the Mega-march

10:28 There are more than three thousand people gathered at the Viguera Plaza waiting for the march to begin.

10:06 The bullet shells left after the shooting of Marcos Manuel Sanchez Martinez are found, they are of 3-80mm.

9:54 The comrade wounded today by a gunshot this morning inside the university is being operated on right now at the public Seguro Social hospital.

9:40 Downtown Oaxaca is surrounded by barbed wire making it difficult for the APPO commitment to reach the central plaza to be carried out.

9:35 The people are already congregating at Viguera Square. In a few minutes they shall commence the Sixth Mega-March for the dignity of the peoples of Oaxaca. Be strong, we shall win!

8:15 The caravan that left yesterday from Mexico City is in Nochixtlan. Several vans of Triquis and inhabitants from near the City of Oaxaca have joined them.

7:12 Marcos Manuel Sanchez Martinez is wounded by a gunshot to the thorax inside the university campus.

6:56 Gunshots in the two barricades near the university.

2:25 The caravan arrives at Huajuapan without hindrance, it is safe. They are met with a dinner (or early breakfast) and consider if they shall continue or sleep a while

2:25 The fireworks of acknowledgment ring through the barricades. A few distant gunshots. The moon is full, and those that can, sleep in a tense tranquility, others awake, tolerating the cold of the night, so as to avoid the taking of the radio, leading to the taking of other installations, creating apprehension in those that have supported with so much dignity this form of communication at the service of the people and their struggles.

2:00 November 5. In a few hours the sixth mega-march in the City of Oaxaca demanding the resignation of Ulises Ruiz will begin. Radio Universidad is calling the people of Oaxaca to converge at the Benito Juarez monument at the Viguera intersection.

1400 kHz AM. Radio Universidad. When we tune in, the first thing we hear is a synthesized simulation of a frenetic violin coming and going on the same tones. It lasts for thirty seconds, then arrhythmically a drumming, a sharp scream and once again the frenetic violin. This is the interference that Radio Universidad is dealing with.

A few seconds of silence permit us to hear the distant voices of the presenters staying awake to continue informing the people of Oaxaca on the situation that the state is suffering through in the wounded Mexican Republic.

1:50 The official line and the same stance being taken by the mass media insists that the APPO and the people sympathetic to their cause arriving to Oaxaca assault the PFP with sticks, stones and molotov cocktails. The images shown by the television though prove that the occupation forces have amongst their arsenal, armored water cannons and tear gas. The Government justifies that for a stone a armored water cannon is needed, and that for a cocktail molotov 10,000 police/soldiers are needed. The people of Oaxaca do not assault, they defend themselves. Radio Universidad does not incite, it is the voice of all the people. The Fox administration has signed any and all treaties regarding human rights that they have come across. They meekly protest the border wall but silences with all their might Oaxaca. There are protests around the world against the repression in Oaxaca and the governor Ulises Ruiz entrenches himself in his governorship.