Segment 1
John Wright "Hobo's Lullabye" (partial)
Frank Morales Introduction
Simon discusses current situation in Oaxaca
"Brad's Song" by Stephanie Rogers
Brandon Jourdan
Dyan Neary + video
Segment 2
David Rovics
Rockdove Collective Meditation
Jenny Smith, John Wright and Mark Read sing "I'll Fly Away"
Al Penley speaks
Ann Waldman, Phil Good and Bernadette Mayer read poems
Julie Patton
Pastrami sings "A Drop of Water"
Roger Manning
Segment 3
Brant Sharman
Lower East Side video footage of Brad
Aresh Javadi, Harry Bubbins and Emily Nobel Maxwell read excerpts from
"We Are Everywhere"
Tofu sings "Willie Says"
Andy Stern + Brad's sister Wendy read Brad's last dispatch from Oaxaca
Stephan Said sings "It Rose from the Dead" to Hungry March Band
procession (partial)