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Students, SDS demand change and accountability at Pace University.

On Wednesday, November 15th, 2006, students will gather at press conference on the steps of City Hall at 3PM to call for the resignation of Pace University President David A. Caputo. Following the Press Conference, Students for a Democratic Society will hold a protest outside of Pace University at 1 Pace Plaza. Students at Pace University are demanding change as the university plummets into a financial crisis. The students will outline 3 key demands: that David A. Caputo step down as University President, that the Board of Trustees be investigated by the State Regents for corruption, and that real policy changes take place with more student input.

"I think it's definitely high-time that the University makes major changes in order to better suit students’ needs and promote freedom in a social and academic setting. I think we are being hindered in those ways," says Pace student Lisa Basille.

Pace University is in a financial crisis: enrollment is down, classes are being cut, a hiring freeze is in place and tuition and fees have risen.
All the while, David A. Caputo, President of Pace University took a salary raise. Caputo, making near $700,000, is one of the highest paid university Presidents in the country. Students are demanding his resignation and that he return his recent raise back to the students. Students also demand that the Board of Trustees be investigated by the State Regents for corruption.
Beyond this, students also demand that more student input and representation be included in policies. Current university policies do not foster the free exchange of ideas and in fact, suppress it. Recently, students were threatened with arrest and suspension for posting "unapproved" fliers.

Pace student and member of Students for a Democratic Society, Lauren
Giaccone stated, "We have hope that this university can change for the better. Pace University has so much potential, unfortunately the Administration is holding it back. The students must take the University back for themselves. We need a democratic University that values the input of its students and respects the rights of everyone."

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Pace University is located at 1 Pace Plaza (next to the Brooklyn Bridge). City Hall is located across the street on Park Row. Take the 4 5 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, R W trains to City Hall, 2 3 trains to Park Place, J M Z trains to Chambers St.