Tuesday, February 5, 2007.

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1.) Protests and events with dates. Bold typeface plus a # symbol merely indicates a street action.

Other events at

2/6 TUE: Leonard Peltier event

2/6 TUE: Free Leonard Peltier

tmw 2/6 TUE: Adalah-NY mtg -- Justice in Middle East

2/6 TUE: plan anti-war bike ride

thru 2/6 TUE: Nader biography film

2/6 TUE: plan Mar. 19 wkend arts actions -- CHANGE

tmw 2/6 TUE: reaching Peace & Justice Strategy Mtg fr/ NYC

2/6 TUE: wrongful convictions, NYS death penalty

2/6 TUE: wrongful convictions in NYS

2/7 WED: Ratner eminent domain abuse on trial; calendar #

2/7 WED: End UN occupation of Haiti #

2/7 WED: plan brutality & Sean Bell protests (o22)

2/8 THU: Morales/Shakur Ctr. press conf. #

2/8 THU: build Feb 17 & Mar 17 (TONC calendar)

2/8 THU: An Inconvenient Truth (film)

2/8 THU: plan farm worker solidarity (Fair Food NYC)

2/7 WED: plan NYC Anarchist Bookfair

2/8 THU: How to Oust a President

2/8 THU: How to Oust a President

Other events at

2/9 FRI & ongoing: EZ supply actions # (pls. confirm this)

2/9 FRI: Brooklyn Critical Mass

2/9 FRI: JFREJ events

2/9 FRI JFREJ event

2/9 FRI: video of recruiter lies

2/10 SAT - Rally Against Fur #

2/10-17 (SAT-SAT) Israeli Apartheid Week #

2/10 Saturday -- Freecycle event in Harlem! Mitchel Cohen #

2/10 SAT: grassroots nonviol. resistance to Israeli apartheid

2/10 SAT: Resistance to Apartheid in Bil'in & Hebron

2/10 SAT: Palestine expulsions reportback

2/10 SAT: plan Gulf Coast solidarity

2/10 SAT: CodePink book party

TIME'S UP! EVENTS (thru 2/11) #

2/11 SUN: exorcise stolen Ethiopian coffee

2/11 SUN: radical teachers` discussion group

2/11 SUN: controversial colonial Congo film

NYC, Feb 11 - Socialist Women's Conference Linda Rivera

2/12-18 (MON-SUN) Israeli Apartheid Week in NYC #

2/12 MON: Israel & the apartheid analogy

CHANGE: Barrios in court TUE 2/13 #

2/13 TUE: defend Fr. Luis Barrios & (2/27 TUE) Geoff Millard #

2/15 THU: student anti-war strike #

2/15 THU: Laurie Arbeiter free speech court date #

thru 2/16 FRI: Antiwar Film Fest

2/17 SAT: Movement for a Democratic Society Conference

2/17-18 (SAT-SUN): NYC impeachment summit (WCW)

2/17-18 (SAT-SUN) Impeach Bush for War Crimes

Other events at

2/18 SUN: Iraq Vets Ag. the War benefit

2/19 MON: defend food workers (IWW B`KLYN MARCH) #

thru 2/19 MON: 50-Day Sean Bell Vigil #

2/19 FRI: Bayard Rustin Film + other screenings for peace

Feb. 21st-NYTimes Picket for the Cuban 5 ProLibertad Campaign #

2/22 THU: ANDOLAN - South Asian Workers: fundraiser

2/23 FRI: anarchist mothers` fundraiser (M.A.M.A.)

2/24 SAT film: "TV's Promised Land"

2/24 SAT grassroots media conference

2/25 SUN: Harlem Trailblazer Norma Abdulah

2/27 TUE - Geoff Millard court # (note Barrios court date change)

3/9-11 (FRI-SUN) Left Forum (progressive workshops, convention)

Jericho Movem`t in March 17th D.C. march #

3/17 SAT: march on Pentagon #

3/17/07 Global Day of Action -- Anniv. Of War! (ANSWER) Carlos Rovira #

3/17/07 – MARCH ON THE PENTAGON! Linda Rivera #

3/17/07 March on the Pentagon # Carlos Rovira

3/17/07 in D.C. (from TONC) # (above listings all old — see website)

3/18 SUN: UFPJ-NYC march? #

3/23 TUE: Guantanamo law symposium

3/23/07 FRI: Pedro Pietri memorial


3/29 THU: ACT-UP anniv./Healthcare For All rally #

3/29 THU: ACT-UP anniv./Healthcare For All rally #

4/7/07 – April March for Puerto Rican Political Prisoners # ProLibertad

Apr 14: NYC Anarchist Book Fair

4/18 WED: support Guantanamo petitioners

6/10-11: anniv of Israeli occupation (D.C.) #

2.) In no particular sequence, recently: Local left event calendars and other e-mail calls with no specific dates, also weekly events and vigils. Reply for a more complete weekly vigil list.

ongoing: Times Square grieving dad vigil


TIME'S UP! EVENTS (thru 2/11) #

BRECHT: Marley B`day - Eng. Romantic Poets - Cuban Cultural Movem`ts - Neues Kabarett

2/10-17 (SAT-SAT) Israeli Apartheid Week #

2/12-18 (MON-SUN) Israeli Apartheid Week in NYC #

labor and climate crisis conference (date TBD)

anti-war film fest schedule

film schedule

WRL Antiwar Film Festival Jan-February

WRL/Brecht antiwar film fest, thru 2/16

POP NY/NJ calendar

Troops Out Now calendar

BRECHT: Films/A Tribute to Bob Marle/Cuba Represente!/& More

Freegan Events: Late Jan-Feb 2007(corrected) Adam Weissman, Wetlands Activism Collective

March-April: Anti-G8 Infotour needs contacts

50day Sean Bell vigil in Queens: donations needed #

Sean Bell 50 day vigil

Jersey City Peace calendar #

Monthly Workers' Rights Clinics

weekly Burberry fur protests #

Welfare Warriors, TransJustice events

March-April: Anti-G8 Infotour needs contacts

Q4EJ calendar thru 1/29

abc no rio events

ArtPol calendar

B`klyn Parents f/ Peace events & bus #

Bklyn Parents f/ Peace calendar #

ANSWER calendar #

Art for Change calendar


Carlito`s / Art for Change calendar

Despierta Boricua/Latin@s for Mumia/Support Luis Barrios ProLibertad Campaign # (see Barrios court date change above) #

ongoing Chomsky discussion group

Peoples Organization for Progress calendar (NJ) #

Queers for Economic Justice calendar

Stopping the War calendar #

SUNDAYS: table for veganism #

Tuesdays: electronic voting hearings

WEEKDAYS: VIGIL FOR OAXACA (please confirm this—no contact avail.) #

Wobbly labor actions #

~ ~ ~

# pound symbol & bold type only means a street protest action.

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