Ungdomshuset proetst

Ungdomshuset proetst

A very cold days in New York City today - it was 7 below Celsius (19 degrees Fahrenheit). I read on the nycanarchists list that there would be a protest at noon at the Danish consulate in solidarity with our comrades at Ungdomshuset. So I printed out a few pictures on my printer, grabbed some markers and tape, and at 11:30AM I went to an art supplies store to buy a white poster board, and headed for the Danish consulate.

When I got there there a little after noon there were about seven other people there with us, as well as some people observing us - some press (with cameras and video camera), a police car across the street, and some Scandinavian-looking girls who were floating around.

I leaned over my poster board and began putting it together. I had a picture of Ungdomshuset being demolished, a picture of a Danish cop with his baton over his head ready to swing, the picture of Jyllands-Posten of Mohammed with a bomb as a hat, and a picture of some girls outside Ungdomshuset, crying due to the government demolishing it. I drew a little Danish flag and wrote - "Denmark - Racism and Repression". While doing this, Todd Eaton, who I don't know other than his mailing list, slammed into me and walked over my poster, a girl there saw him do this and said to him, "What are you doing?". Anyhow I finished my poster and stood in front of the consulate building with the other people. A guy with an NYPD press pass was taking pictures of us. There were people with a video camera who looked like they were Danish television interviewing people. Todd and someone else were banging a drum. Someone had a sign which said "Something is rotten in Denmark".

It was very cold but I stood around for a little bit. I was on lunch break and work across town, so after a bit I had to split. I saw a girl who I thought was the organizer so I went up and talked to her a little, her name was Lauren. A guy standing with her asked if he could have my poster if someone came and wanted one, I handed it over.

A very cold day, but we still came out in solidarity with our friends in Ungdomshuset. Some of you may know them better, I met some Danish kids associated with them one time, in May Day Books, which is unfortunately closing down as well.