23 Arrested: NYC Anti-War Direct Action: March 12th, 4PM

SDS Chapters from Pace University and The New School in Manhattan, along with allies from MDS and other organiziations today marched on and occupied the United States Military Recruitment Center at 157 Chambers Street in New York City.

Around 100 activists occupied the military offices for close to two hours, surrounded by NYPD and FBI agents, who arrested 23.

Those arrested are now (4PM) being transported to Central Booking in Lower Manhattan. It is expected they will be held for AT LEAST 24 hours. As this was U.S. Government property, organizers expect charges of Criminal Trespass against those detained.

Organizers have said they are 'pleased' with today's action.

Legal and jail support are on the scene, but more is needed. Contacts follow.

Please Contact

Jail Support (on the ground Now):
Todd At  redscares@mindspring.com

Legal Coordination (lawyers contact):
mailto: tmgood@loveandstruggle.net

Legal Defense Fund (contributions):
mailto: BruceDRubenstein@aol.com

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