On a cold day with not every street clear, some riders started at 10 am, while some started at 1 pm. But about 50 riders left Dag Hammarskojold Plaza, with boisterous energy. They turned down 34th street heading toward the gathering point for the UFPJ march (www.unitedforpeace.org). Riders circled the gathering point twice, with bike lifts at each red light. The marchers cheered, and the march started with high energy. The police were even vocally greatful to the riders, for helping clear the streets of cars, so the march could start smoothly, as they moved the orange cones (not metal baricades). The riders then held out two banners "make bikes, not war" and "It doesn't take a war to power my bicycle." After a qucik meeting, some riders decided to dismount and join the march, while others kept riding to other destinations. The, now 30 riders headed south west to a gas station on 10th ave to enlighten motorists about their war causing behavior. The Police officers were glad to hear that the riders were not going to go through the Lincoln Tunnel.

The police treated this ride in a manner that was between the way they treat Brooklyn critical mass and Manhattan critical mass. They were not escorting the ride, like they do durring Brooklyn critical mass; However they were not harrassing the ride as they do during Manhattan Critical Mass. They simply followed behind the ride, without video cameras.

This ride was put on as part of a coalition between the March 19 coalition ( http://march19peaceactions.org) and Time's Up! (www.times-up.org).

Anyone with photo's please post. . .