On Sunday, March 18th, I met up with a small group of friends to create a photo petition of New Yorkers who oppose the war. We set out to gather photos to bind together and present to Clinton and Schumer as a visual testament to the strong opposition to the war here in their district.

As soon as we got on the train and started taking pictures of ourselves with the sign, people wanted to be a part of it. There was a real sense of community as we moved through the trains, gathering photos capturing sadness at the loss of life, anger at the senselessness, and smiles for the hope that the war will end soon. People asked us if we had family over there, told us their feelings on it, and thanked us for bringing them into this.

We covered 5 train lines in 3 hours and took close to 500 pictures. Please check them out at: www.afterdowningstreet.org/subway. We'll be uploading more over the next few days, but for now there's about half of them posted. We'll be delivering them to Clinton and Schumer's offices in the next week. And we're hoping that this small action was able to re-ignite a feeling of hope and urgency in some of the people we met on the trains.

Subway Riders Say Stop the War!