Today March 19th the fourth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, a small but spirited group of 45 (more or less) anarchists and anti war activists marched from the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to the near by Times Plaza US Armed Forces recruiting center. Protesters marched, chanting anti recruiting slogans and handing out information on recruiters, and the lies they tell to sign up young people. A booklet offering other options for financial support to go to College was also distributed.

Once we reached the Recruiting center a pinata of an army tank with 'Destroy the War Machine" written on it was smashed revealing 'blood soaked' plastic soldiers and the names of many of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. The recruiting station was open and the recruiters came to the windows to see what was happening. We stayed at the center for 45 minutes and then continued on handing out flyers along Fulton Mall and then doubling back to the Atlantic Ave Subway stop when we received word that there were recruiters operating inside of the station. By the time we made it there they had left.

All in all the event was very positive and successful, we had many people honk their horns in support and many good conversations with interested passerby who stopped to find out what was going on.

And unlike last years event the police presence was not out of control and was in fact pretty tame.

Hopefully actions like this will continue! Thanks to everyone who came out today!
1-2-3-4 Fight the Rich Not Their Wars!!!