We started handing out flyers, information, and counterrecruitment guides to high school kids around 2pm, then moving on to Atlantic and Flatbush, meeting up with about 50 to 75 people. We cheered and marched to the station, blocked its entrances with out bodies and banners, interrupted the interviews going on inside and talking to everyone outside. The response from the neighborhood was tremendous, really. Honking, screaming, shouting. Everyone who came by said one or two swear words about Bush, this war, and oil. We gave out information on how to finance college without going to military, 10 things to think about before enlistment, the small black guides to military recruitment in the 5 boroughs. We smashed a pinata full of death and war.

The cops tried to control us, but i guess the heirarchy wasn't funcitoning that well because they couldn't decide what to do with us. And right when they came to round us up, it was time for us to go to union sq. and meet up with the Resistance in Pink collective and the RMO for a final dance. We marched around Brooklyn and more and more people honked, talked to us, joined in. It was beautiful. We didn't find any recruiters in the subway station we heard about, so we went back to union sq. to celebrate a great day with our friends in resistance.

All in all, a lot of fun, a lot of energy, a lot of support, a lot of kids involved, and a lot of effect on that particular day's recruitment quota. But let's remember: the recruiters are recruiting everyday, so we can't just give them 364 days of the year. Let's go back more and more and more until they close that death trap for good.