City Hall Park, NYC

Calling All Queers, Allies and Anyone Affected by NYPD’s New Rule!!

Join us in the streets as we challenge the NYPD’s new law preventing assembly. Or cheer us on from the sidelines.

We’re going to assemble at City Hall Park to PARADE WITHOUT A PERMIT! Let Speaker Quinn and the rest of City Council know that the police don’t write laws! Bring your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers! Bring noisemakers, signs, and singing, dancing bodies to reclaim our streets and pronounce a big FUCK YOU to politicians like Quinn who sell our rights down the historical river for political gain!

In February 2007, the NYPD published new regulations attacking freedom of assembly in New York City, unilaterally amending the definition of a "parade." ANY public gathering of 50 or more people - whether on foot, bicycle, or rollerskates - now requires a "permit" from the NYPD. And, just as the police have the power to grant permits, they also have the power to deny them.

Why do the police decide who can assemble and who cannot? And since when do the police write laws?

We—a contingent of the NYC queer community—are outraged that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who claims to speak for *us*, has endorsed this plan, calling the new permit regulations "a practical approach to traffic and public safety issues" (NYT 10/18/06). The same Christine Quinn who claims to speak for the queer community is now attacking the very civil rights gains that have made it possible for her, an out lesbian, to become speaker.

The Radical Homosexual Agenda calls upon all queer New Yorkers, our allies and everyone effected by the NYPD’s new rule to show Christine Quinn that she does NOT represent us and that we will NOT stand by while our rights are trampled! The Stonewall veterans never asked for a permit and neither should we!

Subway directions to City Hall Park:
J/M/Z train to Chambers St. N/R to City Hall. 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.

Check out for the latest in repealing the NYPD’s rule.