Howard had the audacity to compare Mr Dogg’s case to that of David Irving, who was refused entry on the basis that he denied the Jewish holocaust! Howard, who is complicit in the deaths of over half a million civilians in Iraq refuses to accept responsibility for his part in the Iraqi holocaust. Howard is in no position to accuse anyone of character flaws, especially holocaust denial! "There's always been a character issue in relation to people being given visas. I mean that was the issue that was in part behind the refusal to give a visa to David Irving, the holocaust denier," Howard said to Southern cross media.

It is clear that Howard’s denial surpasses that of David Irving’s. Referring to black rapper Snoop Dogg Howard continued, "why should somebody like this, who's got a particular background, [African] be allowed into the country." During Howard’s tenure in office he has put Australia on the international map for all the wrong reasons two of which were the Cronulla race riots and racist immigration policies.

Howard who is under pressure from a local opposition leader has said and done nothing right the entire year. After his inane criticism of Barack Obama and his latest meddling in US politics, the Snoop Dogg visa denial is totally in character. A local embarrassment and international laughing stock, Howard provides yet more evidence that he has ‘lost it’.

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