Cindy Sheehan just released her letter of resignation and no doubt it will spread throughout the anti-war community like a wildfire, or so one would expect, for Cindy Sheehan has become like an icon for that movement, and her sudden collapse and her sudden surrender out on the battle field could come as a demoralizing blow to very many people. Therefore I have become overwhelmed by the need to once again put pen to paper and to write.

Now Casey’s mom is an American, and so therefore let us think of Casey’s mom as being the American Mom, and like the typical American mom that she is Cindy has a very flawed political perspective which in the end was destined to bring her to a ruinous state of collapse and eventual despair. This does not mean that we should not allow an American Mom her right to the way she feels, but at the same time we feel some sympathy for her pain, we also should be prepared to learn the lessons that must be learned from her experience, for there are lessons to be learned here.

After bashing her head against a monolithic government machine, and then discovering to her despair, that his monolithic machine was not her government and that it did not represent her interests, Casey’s mom, the American Mom, then was thrown into a state of despair and confusion, and in the end she lashed out in bitterness at her fellow American Moms. Her judgment was harsh. They were off watching American Idol, and apparently they just didn’t give a damn, leaving Casey’s Mom to become like Don Quixote and tilt at wild mills by herself, with no one to help her. Now while Casey’s mom was learning her valuable lessons not all American Moms are watching American Idol. Some were out puttering in their gardens, and while they are like Cindy, and they disapprove of what is going on, perhaps they wisely decided to skip the step of playing Don Quixote, and they left that task to the American Icon, Cindy Sheehan, who became like a proxy for all American Moms, and who on their behalf went out and tilted at those windmills to prove once and for all that this government was not the government of American Moms, thus establishing the fact beyond all reasonable doubt. It is good that this was demonstrated so publicly for the benefit of any other naïve American Moms who might decide to tilt at windmills instead of puttering in gardens while disapproving, and skipping the step of playing Don Quixote.

Now Casey’s Mom has lashed out in anger, and she has stated angrily that her son, Casey, died in vain and all for nothing, since apparently the only thing that would have given Casey’s death some meaning was if Casey’s Mom was to be successful in her mission and the Democrats would have cut off funding for the war in Iraq. It is remarkable to me that Casey’s mom does not see, that she is blind, like so many other American Moms just like herself are blind and they do not see, for Casey died for so much more than this.

Let us examine the much greater causes for which Casey died upon that battlefield in Iraq.

Casey died to humble the strong and the powerful, for while it is possible to spend trillions on the most advanced weapons systems that exist in the world today, it can all be destroyed for a couple of dollars, the cost of pen and paper and ink. The pen is mightier than the sword. The American military has been on the receiving end of a rout and it has been a massacre on the battlefields of Iraq, a massacre by pen, and they are helpless to defend themselves from this ongoing slaughter.

There is a time for war, but no war is worth fighting with guns before that war has first been won decisively on the battle field where the weapons employed are simple pen and paper. To raise the weapons of war and go to battle without first achieving this victory using simple pen and paper is to go out to the slaughterhouse to face eventual ruinous defeat. This has been the fate of the American military machine, the world’s mightiest fighting force, which is being run into the ground and completely defeated and destroyed by pen and paper. The debacle will only become increasingly worse the longer the battle with gun is waged in defiance of the verdict rendered by simple pen and paper.

There is no victory to be found for the American military upon those battlefields in Iraq, for victory in this war, as in all wars, is not found out on some distant battlefield, but can only be achieved employing simple pen and paper. The Iraq war is a colonial war, it is a war of forcible imposition, it is a war against freedom and not for freedom, and such wars are eternal and endless wars. Woe to the oppressor who wages a war of oppression, who takes a stand against an army fighting for the cause of liberation and freedom, for such a military will never find victory, even if they were to spend trillions upon metal, for they have failed to spend two dollars upon a pen, upon paper, and upon some ink.

Casey was the little guy who was pulled into a war on the wrong side of a wrong headed war, but that does not mean that he died in vain, for Casey died to humble the powerful and the strong. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and they have finished tumbling down that slippery slope, or so it would seem, and so therefore we should expect further devastation and full scale massacres to be suffered by the American military in Iraq, as they cut to pieces by the world’s most powerful sword, the simple humble pen. This is righteous, and such ruinous devastation is the price to be paid for Casey’s death, for his life was precious and so his death came with a very heavy price tag attached indeed. He did not die in vain, nor did he die for nothing. This is the cry of a wounded American mother whose eyes are blind so that she cannot see, overwhelmed by misery and grief as she is today.

Casey died so that American Moms could pound their heads against brick walls and make the shocking discovery that America is not a democracy. Casey died so that the American Mom could receive the gift of a proper political perspective instead of a naïve and flawed political perspective. The cost is high indeed. Let us make the most of it.

The American military is the property of the American people. They bought it. They paid for it. It belongs to them. Things must change if such ruinously destructive wars are to be prevented from occurring in the future. If the American Mom is to lose the American Son, if it is the American people who will be doing all the dying and all the crying then it is the American people who will be doing all the deciding. The Commander in Chief of the American Military must become the American people. Things must change, and obviously this means changing a very flawed Constitution of the United States which has stripped the power to declare war away from the American people and placed it into the hands of a small powerful clique. There is a time for war. The real battlefield in any war is a piece of paper. The pen is mightier than the sword. If a time for war has come, then let pen be put to paper and let the victor prevail. If the cause is just then let the people decide. It is not enough for the people to vote every four years and surrender all their power into the hands of small clique which has become very powerful by stripping the power away from the American people. War is the most important of causes. Let the people vote. No more must the Commander in Chief be a man in a suit sitting in some office, whether that office be oval shaped or square shaped or any other shape. The American military is the property of the American people. It belongs to them. Let democracy blossom. Let the people decide. Things must change.

Casey died to start a fire, and it is burning through the government of the United States of America. Soon nothing will be left behind but smoldering ashes. Casey’s mom says that she cannot believe that she ever bought into that system of government, and now she has seen that government in flames as it burns right to the ground. And the fire is still raging, destroying every department and every thing associated with that collapsing government. Soon there will be nothing left at all. The destruction by fire of the government of the United States of America is the price to be extracted for Casey’s death. It is a heavy price but it is just and righteous price to be paid for human life is precious and doomed is the government which spills innocent blood in pursuit of unworthy ends. Oh how the mighty have fallen.