"SICKO": Damn Those Insurance Companies,
Where The Heck Are They When You’re Sick?
filmmaker Michael Moore

"SICKO," Michael Moore's excellent, frustrating new documentary about

the American healthcare industry has revitalized the debate over the need

for a universal health care system - indeed its become adrenalin for

healthcare activists from Congressman John Conyers, Jr. to the California

Nurses Association, who are traveling the country to leaflet moviegoers as

SICKO opens in theaters to support a "single-payer" health care system.

Building Bridges caught up with Michael shortly after he was booted out of

the N.Y. Stock Exchange and gave him safe haven at our Wall Street

broadcast venue. Perhaps presidential hopeful Fred Thompson can do

another U Tube response to Michael's ouster from Wall Street. We sure did.
Plessy v. Ferguson Redeux - And That's Where We Are Headed
As Supreme Court Kicks The Hell Out Of Race Conscious Remedies
Miranda Massi, Civil Rights Attorney and
By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) Activist

The blood, sweat and tears of people of African-ancestry shed to alleviate

the discrimination they faced was ridiculed by the US Supreme Court in its

scathing decision that undermines a landmark ruling of the civil rights era

that outlawed segregation in schools. Once again the Supreme Court's

Plessy holding, separate and "unequal" poses a looming threat.


Perhaps The Biggest Terrorism Case In History: The Case of

Chiquita Bananas Is Enough To Make You Sick To Your Stomach


Paul Wolf, International and Human Rights Attorney

A complaint filed in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C. alleges that

Chiquita Bananas has the blood of 173 people on its hands who were

murdered in the banana-growing regions of Columbia. The families of the

victims maintain that Chiquita paid millions of dollars, and tried to ship

thousands of machine guns to the Autodefenses Unidas de Columbia, a

rightwing paramilitary group who assassinated husbands, wives and

children to facilitate the economic interests of Chiquita.

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