I was recently contacted by Pioneer Credit about a defaulted student loan. They were terribly unfair and lied to me. I don’t know who to tell, so I decided to tell everyone. My student loan was turned over to this credit company. Ten years ago I lost all of the remaining members of my family and because I was an lnly child, I was the only one who could care for them. After they all died, I had a nervous breakdown, and began to drink after 25 years of sobriety.
I have been hospitalized more times than I can count in the last 10 years. (which is precisely when my loan came due) and I lost my job and apartment after the breakdown.. But I am also an alcoholic and began to drink after 25 years of sobriety. During the past 10 years have had 3 - 6 suicide attempts and have been been under the care of a psychiatrist constantly since I moved to New york City. I have been thorugh hell, and 2 years ago found out that I have chronic Hepatitis C. In the year 2000, I was intubated for 4 days after an asthma attack.. I just recently sobered up at a rehab (2 and a half moths ago) and was just getting my life back together. During the 10 years I am speaking of, I spent time as a homeless person. I moved to NYC just before 9/11 and was unable to get a job, but when I did only made $9 and hour.
Now I have a job and after 5 years I bring home $1120 a month.
The credit agency called me and told me that I had to pay $1400 a month. I told them that I didn't have that much money. They told me that they would bill me and that I could send as much as I could, and that then we could negotiate..
I called them today because I made a mistake on my address (I was in the process of moving) to tell them my new address. They never contacted me to tell me that I had given them the wrong address or that the bill had been returned to them, instead they processed a $1400 check through my bank, which of course bounced..
They said that they had already processed the check, and so I was no longer eligible for negotiation, and that they would attach 15% of my pay. If they take 15% of my pay, I will not have enough money to live on. My rent is $800 a month, for a furnished apartment in Bushwick, my utilities run about $50., I have no family, no car, no possessions except my clothes and they told me that they did not care if I was homeless or unemployed or suicidal because they would follow me for the rest of my life. They lied to me.
I am already 60 years old, and I will not even be able to work that much longer.
I am afraid that they will follow me into old age and make me live in a homeless shelter.
Since when has the world become so merciless? I was willing to submit a record of expenses and also to make payments, but they told me that the opportunity for that was over.
I can’t afford an attorney, and I know that if I made $100,000 a year that they would never even have contacted me.

Mary Lynch
307 Scholes Street
Bushwick, NY 11206