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And so, I humbly bring you now, for your bullshit-spotting pleasure, this complete set of Bingo Cards complete with the hackneyed stock phrases spewed by loose-screwed conspiracy k00ks everywhere, as gleaned from the "Taking Aim" radio show broadcast on WBAI in NYC (at least Pacifica's still good for something, if only cheap laffs). Enjoy amazing fun, hours of cheap entertainment, the annoyance of your conspiracist friends with this meticulously-researched set of ten 9/11 Tr00th Bullshit Bingo Cards! So, folks, help yourselves; print 'em out, copy 'em, pass 'em around, and head on down to your favorite 9/11 Tr00th event for a good old-fashioned Bingo Party!

For those of you wishing to get in a little practice before the big 9/11 Tr00th events sure to sprout like weeds all over NYC, why not print yourself a few extras and download the mp3 recordings of the "Taking Aim" show on WBAI, two of which contain excerpts from Schoenman's talk at St. Mark's Church in NYC -- a presentation so dry, so tedious, so full of roundabout ramblings and pregnant, paper-shuffling pauses that it'll just make you want to rip your own ears off and eat them raw:

"Taking Aim", WBAI-FM, NYC, July 24 2007:

Ralph Schoenman on the Jeff Rense Show, July 3 2007:

And, lest you think I'm being frivolous, here's a veritable trifecta of 9/11 Kook Smackdowns from CounterPunch, to arm yourselves against the 9/11 Tr00th Zombies. Get the REAL 9/11 Truth, not the 9/11 Tr00th:

"The Physics Of 9/11: We See Conspiracies That Don't Exist", by Manuel Garcia:

"The Age Of Irrationality: 9/11 Conspiracists And The Decline Of The American Left", by Alex Cockburn:

"Conversations At Ground Zero: How Far We Have Fallen", by JoAnn Wypijewski: