Shepard Fairey, the so-called "guerilla political artist" is a FRAUD! The image at right is a Red Chinese poster from 1968, it was pulled off of e-bay from someone selling rare Chinese posters from the cultural revolution period. At left is a recent "original" poster by "activist artist", Shepard Fairey. Most of his posters are made in the same way, by ripping off art created by others.

If think Fairey is a radical activist and artist... think again! PSFK, a worldwide marketing agency that offers major corporations services in "Advertising & Branding Trends", will be holding a conference in Los Angeles this coming September 18th, 2007. One of their featured speakers will be Shepard Fairey. This was announced on the PSFK website, at: (scroll down the page to the 5th story). Fairey is helping corporations target the youth market and assisting in strategies to sell them useless products. Some radical... some activist.

At the speakers podium, Mr. Obey will be joined by his fellow radical activists, Jean-Marie Shields of Starbucks, Kenny Ochoa of Sony BMG, Anil Dewan of KCRW, Andrew Delaney of Getty Images, and a number of other
luminaries from the revolutionary people's movement. Fairey's appearance is being announced by PSFK with the following description: "ART & BEAUTIFUL MISTAKES: Celebrated contemporary artist Shepard Fairey discusses how he takes his art and applies it commercially." Now that's a talk every anti-globalization activist and social justice crusader just has to attend! But good luck getting into the conference... the tickets are being sold by PSFK at $300 per ticket.

Fairey will be rubbing elbows with the likes of Juan Guillermo Tornoe, who will be holding a special panel that "looks at the Hispanic market" (groan) and how to penetrate it. Fairey will no doubt be excited to meet Conn
Fishburn, a Yahoo executive that will present a panel titled, "Our Role In Your New World." Herr Fishburn will talk about "how the rise of social networks gives agencies and their creative teams a new and expanded role in shaping consumer experience." Can't you just imagine Fairey schmoozing with Fishburn, worming his way into the lucrative social networks market.

Who will be attending this gala event? - CEOs from Advanta - Nike, Inc. - Saatchi & Saatchi LA - Visa USA - Warner Bros Records - Young & Rubicam Brands, as well as a stunning roster of other left-wing activist organizations. If you are interested in attending the conference, PSFK has arranged $200 rooms at LA's Le Parc Hotel, as well as 10% discounts on Virgin America flights from DC, NYC, and SF. More event details on the PSFK conference can be found at:

[From the PSFK website]

"About PSFK:

Change Must Happen. Change is inevitable and, today, change is fast. PSFK is a trends and innovation company that helps people, companies and organizations prepare for change by making things better. Each month over
250,000 people from around the world read PSFK's websites and newsletters for inspiration and PSFK's team advises brands across the globe about change. In addition, PSFK runs a series of conferences. Our aim is to
inspire our readers and clients to make things better - whether that's better products, better service, new ideas or a new way of working. Change must happen so make things better.

Recent clients include Anheuser Busch (UK), BMW (Germany), Corona (Mexico), CocaCola (China), Johnson & Johnson (US), P&G /Axe (UK), Philips Electronics (US/Netherlands), Samsung (US), Samsun Logix (Korea), SK Telecom (Korea) and 10tacle (Singapore). We work with agencies like Anomaly, Fitch and Naked."


Like a Bush speech, where he uses the word "terror" 90 times in fifteen minutes, PSFK managed to use the word "change" six times in one paragraph! "Change Must Happen. Change is inevitable. Change is good. Shepard Fairey represents Change. Change is profitable. Obey Change!"