Matthew Scully resigned from the Bush White House for ethical reasons

Matthew Scully resigned from the Bush White House for ethical reasons

The retarded Arkansas man Clinton executed.. while his wife stood by
a man so handicapped he did not know he could not save his pecan pie til later.. and after Clinton Huckabee state-murdered 19 more.

The man in jail in another state.. he signed a confession
.. ashamed to say he could not read

The man in jail in a third state.. career minded
prosecutors used nicotine addiction to get him to sign

The man in jail in a 4th state.. beaten until he signed

Did Hillary ever speak up about the 4 Arkansas executions?

These 4 remind one of another 4:
Moses.. who killed an Egyptian in anger.. God spared his life
Saul Paul: who killed Christians in obedience to
an unjust govt. God spared his life
Cain.. who killed in jealousy.. that his ignorant father preferred violent
animal serial killer Able to him. God spared his life
David.. who killed in lust.. sending his lover's husband to
the front lines.. God spared his life.

The US is a nominally Christian nation. Yet neocon sponsored
pastors are silent about Jesus' prevention of an execution in progress
as described in John 8: 7 while they exhort their followers not
to put down swords as Jesus told Peter, but to pick them up. This is
the culmination of a 50 year CIA
program to militarize the followers
of the Prince of Peace.

God wants us to spare all lives of any being God has created

God give a firefall of Spirit grace to the
nine of the Supreme Court. God give us
Your choice for president.

(The Rumpole series author has exposed
many cases of legal injustice.)


Romney said in Iowa he wanted to send 100,000 more men and women to Iraq. He himself received a draft exemption, not because
he believes killing is wrong, but because
Mormons receive exemptions from the draft,
though as a group no sect has more supporters
of war, including Romney's 5 sons,
none of whom is in combat.

It is time for McCain to ask forgiveness of
the women in the lightbulb factory he killed
when he was shot down. No killing is more
abstract than that of a bomber pilot.
May he also ask forgiveness of the water buffalo,
the brightplumed birds, and every other being
he burned with his bombs.

In the US executing states kill
2 to 4 times as many blacks on
death row as whites.

John Edwards has asked that
prosecutors be banned from asking
potential jurors' opinion of the death
penalty since it stacks the jury in
their favor.
Another election footnote:
The woman who has played the gender
card in the race, betrayed the women
of WalMart when she was WalMart's
attorney as well as a WalMart board
member. Of the millions of women
employed by WalMart, 1.6 million
sued regarding the giant tentacled
corporation's glass ceiling policy.

May your conscience vote be aligned
to God's will

In these last 3 days before the
biggest primary day, please bypass
neocon talk show hosts to talk
to their audiences:
Why is it mostly Republicans who advise
their supporters on talk show calling?
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