This will be brief (in school) - Thousands of Colombians marched against las FARC yesterday in Colombia and all over the "world." Apparently the march was "apolitical" according to the organizer (from facebook) but it became a pro Uribe march, anti- las FARC march pro paramilitary march ( or was the march this way the entire time??).

Isn't it interesting when 75% of the human rights violations are committed by Uribe, the Colombian oligarchy and the AUC (paramilitary??) (Amnesty International/Human Rights Watch) but people are mobilized against las FARC?

Well, in this video (towards the end) you hear chants "Uribe, the people are with you" "down with communism, down with hugo chavez, down with farc).

Colombian skin heads, pretty funny.. or pretty scary??


The truth is out there