broken wings, smashed bodies, on way to guillotine

broken wings, smashed bodies, on way to guillotine

[i] Please join President Carter in opposing the neocon candidacies of
Hillary Clinton and McCain. Elected president Al Gore has indicated he will not endorse Hillary Clinton Your multiposting would be appreciated. If you are an Obama
supporter, please urge him to take a strong anti Afghan war
stance. He like Clinton supports the continued illegality
of Afghan violence.[/i]
Bill Clinton with the silence of his wife appointed Goldman
Sachs' CEO Robert Rubin to be Secretary of the Treasury.
The unelected Bush appointed Henry Paulson of Goldman
Sachs to the same post. The same cartel which directed Bush
is directing Clinton.

[b] 25 categories of reasons to defeat Hillary Clinton [/b]


Henhawk Hillary Clinton who has said if elected she would continue
combat missions in Iraq made an uncovered statement when she voted to authorize the violent
and bankrupting Iraq war. She voted
for every subsequent appropriation
until this year when she saw that
her bloodshed votes might harm
her candidacy.

She said "Having been in the White House, I know that Saddam Hussein
has weapons of mass destruction." She spoke frequently about
his mythical connections, as a secular socialist, to the
fundamentalist Islamic movement of the CIA funded Bin Laden.

Clinton was one of over 75 senators to
promote Lieberman's pro Iran War resolution.

She said 'nothing is off the table'
in regards to the use of nuclear
weapons against the people of Iran.

She also said "I support my husband's
bombing of Yugoslavia".

The Aghan violence she supports involves the nighttime
shooting of US soldiers out of helicopters onto the snowy
sharp peaks of the Himalayas. Parachuting soldiers
are sitting ducks for sniper fire. Because of virtually
universal opposition to the Afghan war in Canada, the UK
and much of Europe, Robert Gates has escalated the war
with 3200 more marines.

From voting $ to bomb the women of Iraq and Afghan. and being the Rose Law Firm atty for WalMart which put a glass ceiling on millions of women.... to the torture of trillions of hens, women birds.. as attorney for Tyson's, nation's biggest animal butcher, Hillary is not a woman's candidate.
Hillary's clients in Arkansas based WalMart and Tyson's were
those 2 giant corporations, while she was a partner at the Rose
Law Firm. Later she became a board member of WalMart. It is interesting that she who has used gender as a weapon
was on the board of
Walmart, the co. which had a glass ceiling for millions of
women employees, 1.6 million of whom sued)

Women have been victimized by WalMart's low hourly wage.

The women of Afghanistan and
Iraq have been bombed as Hillary
Clinton voted to purchase the bombs.


Bill Clinton was willing to kill in order
to be president. 4 were executed
in Arkansas while he was governor,
including one so retarded
he didn't realize he could not save
his pecan pie for later. Hillary Clinton
as well is an advocate of capital
punishment or governmental murder.
She has been willing to kill Iraqis
and to support executions in her


Clinton has lied about her desire to protect the wealthiest
6% of Americans from higher taxes for Social Security, fallaciously
calling them the 'middle class'.


Clinton has held fundraisers to introduce
armsmongers to Capitol Hill operatives.

Her husband appointed Robert Rubin to be Secretary of the
Treasury, from which point he destabilized the government
of Russia in the early 90's, plunging millions into poverty.
Rubin is now at Citibank where the deliberate policy of
subprime lending has cost millions of Americans their homes,
while Rubin was given 18 million last year.


In 1996 Bill Clinton exempted Chevron (on whose board was Condoleezza Rice for 10 years) from Burmese
sanctions. Chevron has hired
the Burmese military to provide
security for its pipeline. Slave labor
and deaths have resulted.


Why elected President Kerry did not endorse Edwards this poster does not
know, but he has long felt that the Clintons held back
from helping his successfuly campaign for the presidency
so that Hillary could run this year. In helping through
negligence the Bush coup d'etat, the Clintons were a factor
in starting the war in Iraq.


How many women
and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan
have been killed by bombs for which
she voted? How many American
women soldiers have been killed?
How many American women are

How many women have gotten
breast cancer because of the
animal agriculture female hormone
policies supported by Clinton?



Clinton was booed at the AFL CIO
convention because of her unionbusting
votes and other antilabor policies.

As a board member of unionbuster
WalMart, she is responsible
for their actions such as shutting
down a Canadianj WalMart rather
than unionize it.

WalMart also locked employees
in on midnight shift, which is
an illegal form of slavery.

As a board member of and attorney for Walmart,
she was somewhat culpabler
for the many illegals hired by WalMart.
She was also an attorney for Tyson's,
major hirer of illegal immigrants.

[b]HEALTH [/b]

Hillary Clinton fainted during a speech in
She is not a lean machine like Edwards
and Kucinich. Every extra pound on
a frame limits dynamic function.


Clinton was called on her attempt to promote the idea
that a new president would be tested by a terrorist attack.
She was referring to Gordon Brown and the neocon
incidents blamed on Al Qaeda.


She has high negatives, and would
pull down Senate and House Democrat
Polls show that any anonymous Democrat does better
against Giuliani than Clinton. Anonymous Democrat is 52 to 39
while Clinton is only 4 points ahead of Giuliani.

[b] VOTE FRAUD [/b]


The pardoning of Marc Rich in exchange
for secret favors has been publidized.

In addition:


She has hired private detectives to
intimidate women with whom Bill
Clinton has had affairs. Would you want someone willing
to do that controlling FBI and other Justice Dept files?


She has never spoken up about her
alma mater's investment in
mercenary corporations invested
in continuing the war. She
has been silent about Yale's
crucifixion of primates and other


While the jeanwearing Edwards'
haircut received constant attention,
Hillary's several hairdressers including
the expensive George at the
Four Seaons Hotel and her
expensive outfits have not
been covered.


Hillary Clinton
who made 100, 000 dollars betting on cattle futures
(they have no future) in insider trading, who
helped Don Tyson become the world's biggest butcher
of cows, pigs and chickens as he furthered the pollution and cruelty
of factory farms has endorsed the brutal projects of Heifer
a company which sends baby animals
overseas to slavery and slaughter,
with consequent increase of
global heating, disease, and energy waste.

Goldman Sachs has coordinated both the Clinton and Bush campaigns
with Bill Clinton appointing Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs to be Secretary
of the Treasury and the twice unelected George Bush appointing Henry
Paulson and Josh Bolten.

Paulson before Treasury had in his dual role as president of Nature Conservancy
turned that group of wilderness shrines into cattle ranches,
turning sanctuary into slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses
whose bloody cadavers would be part of the meat supply
for Goldman Sachs fast food stock companies. Paulson
developed further connections to Argentine and Chilean
cattle ranches and megabutchers.
How many billions of animals have been killed by burning, tank smashing, bombing,
cruise missiles in Iraq and Afghanistan?

When H Clinton was forced to sell her portfolio to be a candidate,
there were dozens of slaughterhouse, war profiteer, and vivisection
stocks she had to dump.

She has proposed the doubling of the
budget of the vivisecting NIH.

She was silent for 8 years as
Dan Glickman of Bill Clinton's USDA
muzzled the truth about Mad Cow, Mad Fish,
Mad Pig, Mad Chicken etc.

She was formerly a Walmart board member, a corporation
which has sold whale meat in Japan, smashed and suffocated hundreds
of millions of goldfish, buried turtles alive in Florida, destroyed animal
habitat at nearly every location, placed animal products prominently in
its stores, a chain which has had 3 lethal recalls lately from
Cargill, Topps
and chicken jerky products.

[quote]during the 1970s, clients of the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas included Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, large brokerage Stephens, Inc., Worthen Bank, and the Arkansas Democrat and other Hussman family media holdings.[1] Hillary Rodham Clinton became the firm's first female associate,[1] and soon its first female partner,[2] during her husband Bill Clinton's tenure as Governor of Arkansas. [/quote]

Hillary Clinton was behind the lawsuit challenging the right
of Obama union members to caucus on the Las Vegan strip.


Nationwide, All State, State Farm,
AIG.. some of the insurance
companies heavily involved in
mass fraud in New Orleans
or in creating millions
of foreclosures.

[b] NORMAN HSU [/b]
The indicted Norman Hsu was the
conduit for illegal contributions to Clinton
from the Chinese who benefit
from the unionbusting and secret outsourcing
of Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has violated
an agreement not to campaign
in Florida, as she had vioalted
an agreement not to
campaign in Michigan.

These 2 states had gone
against the Democratic Party
leadership in moving up
their primaries.

[b] ECHELON [/b]

It was during the Clinton
years that the US govt
began spying on its
citizens with Echelon
.. in partnership with
the UK, Canada, Australia
and NZ

[b] RACISM [/b]

During part of the time Clinton
was governor, in 83 and 85,
King supporters had to share the
holiday in Arkansas with Robert E Lee.


It was Bill Clinton who acted to give Rupert Murdoch,
Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner, Mark Mays
and other neocons concentrated power with the telecommunications act
of the mid 90's. In violation
of the original charter and subsequent changes, Rupert Murdoch
was given 39% of the airwaves in the US. These are the
people's airwaves. They have always been rented at firesale
prices to make people instant centimillionaires.

(Whether you decide to vote for Kucinich,
Edwards, Paul... please work to
stop the neocon candidacy of Hillary

It was shortly after Don Imus called Hillary 'that
horrid woman' that he was removed from GE's MSNBC
and Sumner Redstone's CBS.
He was replaced by a former Republican congressman,
Joe Scarborough.

Neocon PR firms calling themselves
pollsters (such as Disney owned ABC
polls, Meyer owned Washington Post
polls, GE owned NBC polls)
promote her candidacy by
falsifying numbers while neocon
tv and radio ignore the campaign of
John Edwards who is tied or ahead
of Clinton and Obama in Iowa.