Of cows, banks and hookers.. Who is the IRS boss? a Goldman Sachs CEO Spitzer sued


The current head of the Secretary of the Treasury is Henry Paulson,
CEO of Goldman Sachs, sued by then AG of NY Eliot Spitzer. The
Secretary of the Treasury
is the head of the IRS.

How was the illegal entrapment carried out? Spitzer is
a wealthy man, not by theft like his foes, but by inheritance.
Why was he not allowed to pay cash? Because prostitution
is not a federal crime and the only way to have revenge
was to convince him, through the IRS connected pimp,
to wire the money through an out of state bank.

Paulson also turned Nature Conservancy havens for helpless animals
into pre-feedlots for Goldman Sachs invested fast food companies.

How? He was also president of the Nature Conservancy.

He developed connections with cattle ranchers in Argentina and Chile
as well. Goldman Sachs is invested heavily in at least
100 slaughterhouse product operations.

Maurice Greenberg of AIG said 10 years ago he would get

Who helped Greenberg? Rupert Murdoch after and before he bought
the Wall St Journal which printed Mr Greenberg's attack

Clinton's Secretary of the Treasury was Robert Rubin whose
fellow plotters in destabilizing foreign currencies were indicted.

The Chief of Staff of the cuckoo bird White House (sitting
in Kerry's nest) is Josh Bolten of Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs was also involved in the 30's depression
... profiting from their manipulations