With one in 100 American adults behind bars, more and more juries
across the country are handing down sentences of life without parole.
Now is the time to question what it means for society to turn from
state-sanctioned executions to punishments that impose what many
prisoners describe as "in-house death sentences."

Join the New York chapter of the CAMPAIGN TO END THE DEATH PENALTY
(CEDP) and artist, writer, and activist TONY PAPA in a public meeting
to discuss prisons, harsh sentencing and why life without parole is
cruel and unusual punishment.

Monday, June 16
St. Mary's Church
126th St. between Broadway & Amsterdam

About Tony Papa:

Anthony Papa is communications specialist for the Drug Policy
Alliance. He is an artist, writer, noted advocate against the war on
drugs and co-founder of the Mothers of the New York Disappeared. Mr.
Papa's stinging editorials about the drug war have appeared in news
sources across the country. He is a frequent public speaker and
college lecturer on his art and criminal justice issues. Mr. Papa is
the author of 15 to Life: How I Painted My Way to Freedom (2004), a
memoir about his experience of being sentenced to state prison for a
first-time, nonviolent drug offense under New York's draconian
Rockefeller Drug Laws.

About the CEDP:

The Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP) is the only national
membership-driven, chapter-based grassroots organization dedicated to
the abolition of capital punishment in the United States. We have
active chapters in cities and campuses across the country -- from
Berkeley, California, to Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois. We work
hand in hand with those who have experienced the horrors of death row
firsthand--death row prisoners themselves their family members--and
work to ensure that their voices are at the forefront of our movement.

For more information call (917) 435-3614