Tuesday, June 10, 7 PM

Anarchist Forum: "Thus Spoke The Spectacle"

A live music video critique of media-saturated culture. The performance, based on Guy Debord's landmark Situationist work "The Society of the Spectacle," combines original music with bit and pieces of the media barrage reassembled to draw out their hidden meanings. The Spectacle, according to Debord is "the world of illusion where all attention and consciousness converge," constituting a unified thought-world constructed daily through communication technology. The Spectacle is dominated by images of commercialized community: happy, well-adjusted people connected to each other, and a multitude of products, in meaningful and satisfying ways. The reality is a never-ending psychic invasion causing alienation: separation from the self, from others, and from a genuine experience of life. Music by Eric Goodman, lyrics by Guy Debord, live performance by Eric Goodman and Mike Stevens. Open discussion after the show. thespectacle.net

The event will take place at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street, Manhattan (just south of Houston St) (212-792-8050). Coming from uptown, take the F or V train to "2nd Avenue" (exit front of train on 1st Ave, walk east along Houston and turn right on Clinton) or coming from downtown, take the F, V, M or Z train to "Delancey - Essex" and walk east on Delancey three blocks and turn left on Clinton for 2 and a half blocks. Everybody is welcome and invited to come and to have their say. There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid the LBC is suggested. If you have questions, contact the Libertarian Book Club/Anarchist Forum, 212-475-7180 or e-mail: roberterler (at) erols.com