At 12:28a.m., my partner and I called 311 to make a noise complaint. We weren't trying to pressure our neighbors to turn down their entertaining music or complaining about neighborhood kids enjoying their summer vacation-- we were calling because a helicopter circling in the skies over our neighborhood was causing a serious annoyance and disruption to our pleasant summer evening. We told the 311 operator that the noise disturbance was coming from the sky. Helpfully, the operator said that there was an agency that deals with such problems-- Economic Development. We told them we'd call back.

Afterwards, we called our local police precinct-- the 71st. We asked them why there was a helicopter circling our neighborhood and we were told they were "looking for someone." We asked, earnestly, is it safe to go outside. We were told, sure it was.
And yet, as of 1:45 this morning, there are two helicopters above us. Despite the danger from police who are unresponsive and undisciplined, unfettered by our city government, and unaccountable to Civilian Complaint Review Boards, the presence of two helicopters in some kind of massive criminal manhunt suggests that it's not safe in our neighborhood-- at least not as far as the police are concerned. If they're so concerned, don't we have a right to know why?

What's going on?