Long Island FNB Skipping Costume Halloween Dance Party @ Cinema Arts - October 29th, 7-11pm
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Long Island Food Not Bombs shares free food, clothing, books, toys and other necessities with our local community. As you can imagine this is a lot of work and we're always looking for a few helping hands.

So on Wednesday, October 29th we're throwing the craziest Halloween bash Huntington has ever seen - in part as a celebration of an awesome year and as an invitation to all those who may be interested in learning more about us.

Feel free to bring clothing, books, toys and vegan staples that can be given out at one of our many weekly food shares.

This is an all ages event!!! The more the merrier, so bring friends and spread the word.

Notable Amusements for the Night:

Dumpster Diving Competition
Costume Contests
Games and Prizes
Vegan Food and Drink
Attractions of Horror

So What's the Info?

How much?: Entrance price is a $5 Suggested Donation + Food Not Bombs item/s (That means books, cloths, toys, or vegan foods like - beans, rice, lentils, etc...) *No one will be turned away for lack of funds*

When: Wednesday, October 29th from 7pm-11pm.

Location: New Community Cinema (Cinema Arts Centre), 423 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743

Driving Directions: Take L.I.E. exit 51 north, or Northern State Exit 42 North, Rte. 35 (Rte. 35 becomes Park Ave. after Jericho Turnpike). Proceed to L.I.R.R. crossing, then go three traffic lights. After the third light make the first left to enter the Cinema Arts Centre

By Train: Take L.I.R.R. to Huntington Station. If you need a ride from the train station please RSVP at  LongIslandFoodNotBombs@gmail.com within Twenty-Four hours of the Party.

More Questions?

Q: What sort of things could I bring that would be useful for Long Island Food Not Bombs to share with the community?

A: We honestly take about anything and will try to find a use for it. The main items we are looking for are warm winter clothing, sleeping bags, toys, school supplies, books, large bags (25-50 pounds) of rice, lentils, beans etc... For a much more thorough list of items we could use to share please click here.

Q: Can I bring vegan food/vegan baked goods to share at the event? is it potluck style?

A: Hell yes! Please bring yummy vegan treats.

Q: What's the dumpster diving competition? How do I get involved?

A: You can get involved right now by hitting up your local freeganing hotspots. Whoever brings the biggest bounty to the dance party will win a super secret awesome prize and be hailed as the Long Island freeganing champion of 2008.

Q: I've never done Food Not Bombs before and I'm interested in checking you folks out, how do I get involved?

A: The best way to get involved is to come on down, see us in action and help out. We currently have 3 locations spread across Long Island, one very likely close to where you live. For a list of our food share locations and times please check out our front page or just click here.

Q: I work/own in a store and we throughout a lot can I give this stuff to FNB?

A: Almost always the answer is YES, we take all food donations as long as they contain no animal products. If you have anything else to give us it's just frosting on the cake. Also, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Our contact information is listed below.

Contact us: