NEWARK (CBS) ― It was a disturbing confrontation involving one of our own, and now Newark police officer faces suspension after being caught on tape putting a CBS 2 photographer in a choke hold.

In the video shot on Sunday, the officer was seen grabbing one of our cameramen, putting him in the violent hold, and then arresting him simply for covering a public march.

"I can do whatever I want," the officer is heard screaming on the tape as CBS 2's Christine Sloan asked him to stop.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker watched the video and said on Monday even he was shocked, finding the incident to be disturbing.

"We will deal with this person if they have crossed the line. That not only sends a message to every special police officer, but to everyone," he said.

The officer was hired privately by the church, working security outside.

"While these individuals are private security officers, they are bound by the rules and regulations of the Newark Police Department. Therefore, they are subject to our disciplinary process," Booker said.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the arrest is disturbing because our photographer was on public property, not trespassing. In fact, they say the media's rights are protected by the First Amendment.

"The police have no right interfering with an individual that is not posing a threat, but recording what's on a public street. That's democracy," said Deborah Jacobs of the ACLU.

"I can't tell you that a Newark police officer is not going to cross the line sometimes," added Booker. "That's why we have disciplinary procedures."

The Newark police director told CBS 2 the investigation into the special police officer continues and that there could be other disciplinary action taken.

Special police officers also wear uniforms similar to city police and can radio in for help.

In the meantime, our photographer received a disorderly conduct summons and we plan on fighting it in court.

video here