In New York City today, hundreds of newspaper boxes had their covers changed and contents augmented with anarchist news and opinion, a small payback for the election media blitz and near media blackout that followed militant conflict at the conventions. Over 20 similar actions happened across the country. We anticipate (and hope!) that other groups will post their own press releases and action reportbacks. This cross-country, coordinated action was set for the day after election day, on the biggest news day of the year. In addition to confronting the media itself, and providing counter-information to the public, this action seems to have served as a kind of "experiment" in what can be done with the networks leftover from the conventions. Judging simply by the unprecedented numbers of cities participating, it seems to have been a success. Once again, we would encourage other groups to post their own logic behind participating.

Early this morning, many thousands of corporate newspapers in over 20 cities across the United States, including New York City, were given more accurate front pages. That one wealthy politician will replace another is not news worthy. Capitalism has always won at the polls, and it always will. McCain and Obama’s support for the financial bailout proved this, and ensured that any vote would be a vote for Wall St. The real stories worth telling are those of resistance and struggle, any instance where oppressed people attempt to realize dignity, autonomy, and equality in their daily lives.
We are getting organized. We will continue to ensure that the real stories get told.

Unconventional Action - journalism department - NY